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Copy Change Orders

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  • 1.  Copy Change Orders

    Posted 12-04-2017 01:30 PM

    Hi! is there any way to copy a change order and copy the workflow task informacion like assiginess and descriptions of a workflow task? acctualy the properties are been copied but, the workflow task and another informacion (affected contact etc) no.


    I see this video but it is more for the general fields



  • 2.  Re: Copy Change Orders

    Posted 12-04-2017 03:36 PM

    Hi Walter - if your change order workflow tasks are driven by the category (meaning those are populated when you choose the category and save the ticket), then when you copy a change order with that same category, it should carry those over.  If you are doing this for the sole purpose of copying a change order with wf tasks set up exactly as you want them, then maybe consider making a template for that?   

    Let us know the exact use case this is for...



  • 3.  Re: Copy Change Orders

    Posted 12-04-2017 04:11 PM

    Hi jon! thanks for the answer, I tried making a template for a change order but is similar to copy option besides the properties are all in blank. the case of use is when a analyst who his change is cancelled or not sucessfull wants to create the change order again with out needed to fill all the fields or assignes of the workflow task. it is posible?

  • 4.  Re: Copy Change Orders
    Best Answer

    Posted 12-04-2017 04:32 PM

    Yeah thats a one-off thing to be honest.  And properties should be blank because you would not expect the values to be the same when creating from a template or copying since ususally the situation for the new ticket is different than the original to some extent.   I dont think what you are looking to do can be accomplished   You can post it here as an "idea" but its really a one-off thing that should not be occurring very often really.

  • 5.  Re: Copy Change Orders

    Posted 12-05-2017 10:05 AM

    Ok, Thanks Jon

  • 6.  Re: Copy Change Orders

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 12-05-2017 09:07 PM

    I implemented something similar a while ago using an earlier release of CA Process Automation ('PAM') and the SDM SOAP interface.  The client's use case was similar to yours - replicate a change with extensive classic workflow, which was saved as a template.  Among the challenges: The workflow in the new change is of course populated as new from the Change Category, so the workflow replication must either match the new tasks against the template and edit the new tasks, or delete the new workflow tasks before re-creating them from the tasks in the Template (which I did because it was easier).  Record locking is also interesting: you must either prevent an analyst from editing and locking the change while the workflow replication process is running, or build robust lock handling into the replication process, and preferably both.  If you have PAM experience and are not put off by all of the above I could look into my archives for more detail, with the disclaimer that this is not by any means a supported modification.




  • 7.  Re: Copy Change Orders

    Posted 12-06-2017 08:01 AM

    Hi! James, thanks for your suggestion, in am glad to hear that, because that was my second option. right now I am working with that implementation.