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    Posted 01-09-2018 02:16 PM

    It is possible to configure uss to auto open the comments section when I open a new request from catalog form, like showed in the image?

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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 01-10-2018 02:38 AM

    Good Morning Paulo.
    As to my knowledge, this kind of functionality/the feature you describe, needs is to be implemented as such.
    And I could think of why, because the number of comments is unknown.
    And could potentionaly cause extra(too much?) load on the system to retrieve and show them all.
    With this said, and in general for situations like this, where you ask for a change of behaviour of the current release of the product, I can propose to add an Idea in the Communities.
    With this (kind of formal) statement added:
    A new way to get your voice heard at CA is to suggest your Idea for review through the Service Management Global User Community.
    The CA Service Catalog Product Team is adopting the CA Community based ideation solution, which is available to you through the CA Service Management Global User Community.  
    The following steps will guide you to submit an Idea:
    - Logon to the CA Service Management Global User Community.
    - Select "CA Service Catalog" from the "Products Covered" menu on the right side of the page. (you might need to scroll down a little).
    - Click on the 'Ideas'(bulb-light) icon at the top to view the existing Ideas and see if your Idea has already been suggested.
      When yes, you can then vote-up on it (and add a comment).
    - If you have a new Idea, click on the "Create an Idea" link on the Actions menu at the left.  
    Once your Idea is submitted(publish), all members of the Community can view, comment, provide suggestions, discuss alternatives and vote on Ideas to define the highly popular features.
    All Ideas will be reviewed to see whether they can be implemented.
    Thanks in advance for your effort on this.
    With kind regards, Louis van Amelsfort.

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    Posted 11-20-2019 01:14 PM
    Hi Paulo,

    Did you find a way to solve this?