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Adding a new report to the menubar (detail, summary...)

  • 1.  Adding a new report to the menubar (detail, summary...)

    Posted 01-26-2017 05:42 AM



    I am looking to add a new report to the menubar on our installation of the CA Service Desk Manager. I have managed to create the report as a .htmpl document using Web Screen Painter with spaces left for variables which will be gathered from the database. What I now want to do is to add this report to the menubar so that the user can go to the appropriate CI and then select Reports>Letter... from the menubar and it will populate the appropriate fields with the data from the CI.


    I have had a look at the Menu Designer but have had no luck with finding what I should write in the "function" field to actually load the document with the required info. I have also looked through support documents but haven't found a solution yet. I was hoping that someone here may have had a similar issue and may have found a solution.


    This would be the ideal solution but if it is not possible then would there be any way to link a report from the BI Launch Pad (I believe BOXI) to do the same sort of thing?


    I would very much appreciate any advice or documents that you may have that might help me out. Thanks in advance.

  • 2.  Re: Adding a new report to the menubar (detail, summary...)

    Posted 01-26-2017 09:10 AM

    Hi Austin,

    Unfortunately the summary and detail reports dont have the capability to grab data from fields on a record and report based upon that.  They are very passive reports that simply just output a list in summary or detail form based on the search criteria that you entered.  There is no trigger within the product to grab fields and push them to a filter on a reporting engine of any sort.  You would have to really just create a report in BOXI or Jasper (we have now moved to Jasper and do not deliver BOXI with our software anymore), and add parameters to it that the end user would have to fill in.    There may be a way to use a customization of some sort to push the parameter data to the report, but something like that is outside the scope of support.  There may be other folks out there that have come up with something similar and may be willing to share their info with you.


    Jon I.