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Dtldropdown where clause Clarity

  • 1.  Dtldropdown where clause Clarity

    Posted 06-10-2016 05:37 AM

    Hi Team,


    I have a requirement wherein we need to display the resolution codes as per the category selected. To do the same I was trying to use the "where" clause of the dtldropdown control as below:


    Category: FM.ABC.BCD.CEF

    var arrCtg='$args.category.sym';

    var catg=arrCtg.split(".");

    var catgSplit="%"+catg[1]+"%";


    <PDM_MACRO name=dtlDropdown hdr="Resolution Method" attr="zresolution_method" lookup=no size=20 whereclause="sym like '"+catgSplit+"'">


    this is not allowed as I understand, so is there anyother way where I can dynamically mention the value in the whereclause of dtldropdown.


    Kindly help.

    Thanks in advance.

  • 2.  Re: Dtldropdown where clause Clarity

    Posted 06-10-2016 08:00 AM

    Hi Pushpith, it looks like you have the right idea there, but unfortunately this type of functionality is not available out of the box, and will require some customizations that are outside the scope of support.  However, there are probably some folks out here on the community that have come across this requirement before, and are willing to share their work with you, so what I will do in this case is switch this post to a "Discussion", and allow for others to discuss their solutions with you right here in the community.

    Thanks, and have a great weekend sir!


    Jon I.

  • 3.  Re: Dtldropdown where clause Clarity

    Posted 06-10-2016 08:14 AM


    Quickly you will need to construct the data to display using a pdm_list and populate the value of your dropdown with the value returned using javascript

    You may also need to create a relation between your pcat objet and  valid resolution code for efficiency/flexibilty and ease of administration

    hope this help


  • 4.  Re: Dtldropdown where clause Clarity

    Posted 06-10-2016 08:40 AM

    You will construct your dropdown with the Javascript function : detailDropdown()


    You can take a look at the detail_aty.htmpl for an example. The dropdown with the object list is buit with this function.


    You will insert your PDM_LIST inside this function to populate the "key","value" parameters.

  • 5.  Re: Dtldropdown where clause Clarity

    Former Employee
    Posted 06-14-2016 05:39 PM

    Hi Johnny_2302 - Did any of the responses help answer your question? If so please mark as Correct Answer. Thanks!

  • 6.  Re: Dtldropdown where clause Clarity

    Posted 06-20-2016 06:09 AM

    I haven't tried yet..Let me check and i'll let u know the output.