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Notification Method

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  • 1.  Notification Method

    Posted 04-01-2016 08:02 AM

    Hello Community,


    You know that contacts in Service Desk needs to be define with a "Notification method", in this case i'm using the e-mail. I was looking in the database where this option is stored for the contacts.


    Do you know where's in the database? Or do you know a way i can set this option for ALL my contacts and doesn't have to do it manually one by one.


    Best Regards!!

  • 2.  Re: Notification Method
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    Posted 04-01-2016 08:44 AM

    Hi Jason,


    notification methods table called ct_mth,

    contatct's notification methods stored in usp_contact table, attributes (for low, normal, hight and emergency) called c_cm_id1, c_cm_id2, c_cm_id3, c_cm_id4.


    I want to warn that vendor do not recommend to update data using direct SQL queries,

    you can use pdm_deref for this task,

    useful doc with example could be found here: DEREF - pdm_deref - Everthing do you need know by TMACUL





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  • 4.  Re: Notification Method

    Posted 04-01-2016 02:13 PM

    Thanks a lot!!