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View My Group Task in Mobile Application

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  • 1.  View My Group Task in Mobile Application

    Posted 02-22-2016 10:26 PM



    On Mobile Application, I can only view " My Task" . Can it be configure to view "My Group Task" also?


  • 2.  Re: View My Group Task in Mobile Application

    Posted 02-23-2016 03:08 AM

    Unfortunately this type of query are not supported per CA documentation.

    I hope everyone can request for it in the community as this is seriously degrading the adoption from analyst.

    However as a workaround, if you only have limited needs for specific group, you can create a stored queries with hardcoded group and those will be usable in the mobile app.

    something like:

    (group=U\'F10716727A230E4FA6A93653232B23AC\' OR group=U\'15F076C16218C845BC2918F226CCC3D9\')  AND active = 1


    Not nice if you need to maintain for too much group  or users change group frequently but can help until CA come to better approach on those.


    Hope this help

  • 3.  Re: View My Group Task in Mobile Application

    Posted 02-23-2016 08:25 PM

    Hi Jmayer,


    The hardcoded group stored query that you mention is for Work flow task?

  • 4.  Re: View My Group Task in Mobile Application

    Posted 02-24-2016 03:35 AM

    Hi Hizam.

    In fact the same principle will apply to all object.

    You of course need to know the name and data type of the corresponding attributes.

    You can  check that quickly using the bop_sinfo command


    In your case assuming  you look for the change classic workflow task,  the bop_sinfo -da wf |findstr group will return the below and therefore my previous example will work.



    Note that I use the findstr pipe to limit to group in the purpose of this example.Just take it out tro retrieve all the attributes


    usage: bop_sinfo [-s server] [-fdplqtma] factory_name

    s  Domsrvr to ask      f = show factory        d = show dob

    p = show producer      l = show list (domset)          q = show SQL

    t = show triggers      m = show methods        a = show attribute details


    Hope this help


  • 5.  Re: View My Group Task in Mobile Application

    Posted 02-24-2016 03:51 AM

    To complete my answer. you also need to know the UUID of the group you want to put there.
    You can retrieve that with command line using  pdm_extract as shown below:



    Usage: E:\PROGRA~1/CA/SERVIC~1\bin\rgen or pdm_extract

    [ -h (help) ]

    [ -f (format string) ]

    [ -c (CSV output) ]

    [ -e (CSV output with double double quotes) ]

    [ -r (informal report output) ]

    [ -v (verbose) ]

    [ -s (saved_script) ]

    [ -u (no headers) ]

    [ -d (use dataent.fmt) ]

    [ -x (locale sensitive numeric formats) ]

    [ -X (extract all tables except table list) ]

    [ -B (do not include UTF-8 Byte Order Mark (BOM) (set by NX_ADD_UTF8_BYTE_ORDER_MARK )) ]

    [ -C (convert output to named charset or 'DEFAULT' to use default charset) ]

    ALL | database table names ....


    Another easy way is to refer the group with their name but either if more pratical this is consuming more processing time and need to be avoided when possible.

    This will look like below:

    (group.last_name='mygroup1' OR group.last_name='mygroup2')  AND active = 1


    Hope this help



  • 6.  Re: View My Group Task in Mobile Application
    Best Answer

    Posted 02-24-2016 04:10 AM

    Hi again,

    Taking a second look at this  I just realized that you want it for My tasks in the self service section of Mobile apps.

    Either if all my previous post on it are valid, CA don't have put the option to change filter in that section and therefore you will not be able to switch to "My group"

    Will not make much sense either as that part is more for employee/manager and by default they can only work on task assign directly to them.


    You may want to submit an idea and have people vote for it if you think this may be useful for you or others..


  • 7.  Re: View My Group Task in Mobile Application

    Posted 02-24-2016 04:35 AM



    Thanks for your explanation.