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CA SDM 12.7 Audit Log List

  • 1.  CA SDM 12.7 Audit Log List

    Posted 08-29-2014 07:23 AM

    On a system where auditing is used extensively , you may encounter the following in the stdlog files:



    The following statement took 56941 milliseconds: Clause (SELECT audit_log.change_date, audit_log.audobj_name, audit_log.attr_name,

    FROM audit_log WHERE > 0 ORDER BY audit_log.change_date DESC) Input (<None>)



    This is due to a user clicking on the "Audit Log List" in the "Service Desk" Folder of the Administrator Tab

    The OTB "Audit Log List Menu Tree Resource" is configured as follows:


    By changing it as follows:


    The system will now present an "Audit Log Search" form instead of a list form.

    The user can now provide search criteria and prevent the enumeration of all rows from the "audit_log" table.