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Different host names are displayed

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  • 1.  Different host names are displayed

    Posted 12-03-2019 09:11 AM
    [Product name] CA Application Performance Management
    [Release] 10.7
    [Service pack]----

    In an environment with multiple networks like this, is the host name of the primary network determined?
    Above question was asked by my customer.
    The phenomenon have been solved to setting the property[InetAddress.getLocalHost.getCanonicalHostName()],but I need that information to explain to the customer.


    1. There are two LANs (LAN A, LAN B)

    LAN A connects to WebAP server(Java Agent), and EM(MOM) server

    LAN B connects to WebAP server(Java Agent), EM(MOM), and EM(Collect) server

    2. Following Hosts are assigned to WebAP server(Java Agent)

    Network with LAN A "Host A"

    Network with LAN B "Host B"

    Situation :

    With the costomer's enviroment,

    Java Agent collects infomation from LAN B via EM server and displays WebAP server's host "Host B" on Metric browser.

    However, currently on Metric browser, displayed host name is set to Host A.


  • 2.  RE: Different host names are displayed

    Posted 12-04-2019 09:26 AM
    ​Did you try setting the "introscope.agent.primary.net.interface.name" property in the agent profile?

    Solutions Architect

  • 3.  RE: Different host names are displayed

    Posted 12-04-2019 11:50 AM
    Hi Richard S. Green.
    Thank you for replying to my question.

    I have been informed that "introscope.agent.primary.net.interface.name" is only valid for .Net Agent and our environment uses Java Agent.
    And it seems that there is no property in Java Agent to set   "introscope.agent.primary.net.interface.name".

    I was wondering if "introscope.agent.hostName" could determine primary network, not only specifying or changing host name of the network.

    In our environment, there are two different networks and Network A interrupts with another.
    Could you please tell more about how to specyfy network to feed with Java Agent without having the other network interrupting?

    Best Regard

  • 4.  RE: Different host names are displayed
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    Posted 12-04-2019 12:06 PM
    In the agent's tools folder, there is a file called NetInterface.jar, it will show you how the software has determined the most importance interface on the machine to be used to report host, IP information etc. That information is posted into a HTML page, which, if run on a machine with configured desktop environment usually opens automatically in a browser.

    Testing running this on a Linux machine with no DISPLAY, it appears to write the html file to the /tmp directory in a format such as NetInterfaces5693419718206875691.html

    There is a simple documentation for it which confirms the property


  • 5.  RE: Different host names are displayed

    Posted 12-09-2019 01:24 AM
    Hi David

    Thank you for replying to my question.
    The document you informed is very helpful for me.

    I understood about NetInterface.jar.
    Also,I could explain to the customer and the customer was convinced.

    My case was sloved.

    Best Regard