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Overview / Typeview Not displaying Proper Data

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  • 1.  Overview / Typeview Not displaying Proper Data

    Posted 09-17-2018 09:17 AM

    Did a KB search on this but came up with nothing. 


    Using APM


    Actual metric data in the typeview overview is not matching actual data.  I expect to see the proper values in the typeview we see in the graph.  Can someone tell me if this was patched?  




  • 2.  Re: Overview / Typeview Not displaying Proper Data

    Posted 09-17-2018 03:32 PM

    Hal must be out today.

  • 3.  Re: Overview / Typeview Not displaying Proper Data

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 09-17-2018 04:00 PM

    No just busy. 


    Here is what is in the last cumulative EM release 10.5.1 HF 70

    [Fixed Issues]
    DE357374 - 00992541-On MOM, agent mount action mounts agent on the first identified node

    DE377002 - 01145684-Dynamic Web Scan detected Insufficient Session Protection/Regeneration

    DE356165 - Browser-AggregatedTree.js ERROR

    DE360462 - ATC Universe Editing issue

    DE356482: 00995248-After Team Center login see "Error retrieving permissions. Status code: 403".

    DE358338 - MOM showing frequent data gaps

    DE355627 - jar resources in jnlp are not signed or expired

    DE349526 - TT correlateGraphs thread consumes excessive memory
    DE343103 - WebView search failure

    DE343371 - Potential Memory Leak on MoM

    DE337250 - Database backend is shown as inferred socket
    DE337168 - Business transaction identified in the middle of transaction trace breaks correlation
    DE325641 - In APM Team Center, Web Services are being incorrectly displayed as inferred sockets
    DE340253 - Algo fix for Map nodes grouping

    DE334931 - BA - Url & CEM BT - Aggregated node for Page load should not include 'AJAXCall' or 'SP' child node
    DE334939 - Multiple nodes in ATC map & multiples tiles in Experience view for - BA with CEM BT is defined
    DE334943 - No data AJAX Call node in ATC map & tile in Experience view for - BA with CEM BT is defined
    DE337912 - Bulletproof EM/Cluster against large # of sync Queries

    DE335968 - Metric link to webview is broken

    DE325123 - Cannot see historical metric beyond certain time after SmartStor merge

    US409309 - Extension point for cross cluster correlation
    US423341 - Alert mapping optimalizations
    DE330780 - Add switch to disable AT DBTC
    DE311800 - User not redirected to assigned Universe upon logging in to Team Center
    DE323415 - ATC: DB vertices have incorrect hostnames
    DE327435 - Trend cards view is very slow with big number of cards (1000 and more)
    DE326770 - No data in Experience View's cards
    DE331227 - Prevent flipping of operationname attribute

    DE327098 - Empty dashboards in webview and workstation
    DE329662 - [ERROR] [PO:WatchedAgentPO Mailman 1] [Manager.AT] Error processing traces; ignoring themnull java.lang.NullPointerException
    DE329759 - Empty Name attribute value in mathApp

    DE326386 - MinMax not visible in WebView (HF48)
    DE323355 - ETC is not responding or very slow
    DE321832 - Experience Card - discrepancy between summary and details ART graphs
    DE310236 - Experience for .NET application has no traffic
    DE318332 - Webview graphs does not show negative values
    DE307922 - Rendering of metric graphs with fine resolution in Webview is very slow in IE

    DE311139 - CEM Report shows wrong date
    DE322924 - 275 agents disconnected
    DE318328 - Harvest spikes on collector once a day
    DE319075 - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in debug logger of metric query
    DE309789 - MoM Losing Conn w/ Collectors - Deadlock
    DE312165 - Double encryption of DB connection password
    DE314778 - SmartStor tool for fixing metadata corruption
    DE308408 - Team Center slow and MOM low on memory
    DE285052 - UIM action not showing caution or danger only Critical
    DE299068 - Using webservices API causes collectors disconnections
    DE305489 - APM 10.5.1 HF# 33 : Transaction trace filter problem
    DE288486 - Error: "20-Apr-2017 11:15" is an invalid value for "closeDate"
    DE305112 - 10.5.1 HF#33 - 00790258-Seeing negative value for metrics
    DE308581 - 00794336-APM alerts to SOI after HF21 install
    DE310220 - Slow performance in ATC (gzip for REST API)
    US381480 - rootContext application name override on server side
    DE306800 - Security vulnerability on Teamcenter
    DE307631 - Experience View take too long appear
    DE295987 - Move back button on Webview/Workstation does not show historic data
    DE309466 - DSE Not able to delete manually changed attribute values
    DE305224 - Prevent empty map when agent end time is in future
    DE305319 - 00750514: 10.5.1 HF#20 - Collectors Disconnecting
    DE304871 - Exclude alerts caused by errors per interval from calculation
    DE304812 - Remove the (value) inside the bracket (Alerts section) in ATC Component View and keep only worst state in that alert for the vertex/group
    DE291332 - APM 10.5.1 HF# 22 : Continuation of DE283380 to get hotfix for /castylesr5.1.2/ scenario.
    DE250244 - FIX - Href value missing from webstart workstation.jsp
    DE263800 - APM SSO using EEM and Siteminder not working
    DE269370 - [post10.5.1] Search doesn't work on edges
    DE271947 - Group (perspective) status on the map does not considered backend vertices statuses
    DE272647 - FIX - cannot start second webview on same machine
    DE273797 - Number of group components not consistent
    DE275086 - Large tile hover icon overflows node container
    DE275548 - Windows IE11 can't touch a scrollbar in Team Center
    DE276331 - Team Center is not visible after the server restart and the page reload
    DE277929 - Doubleclicking on an edge that is between group and terminal node results in exceptions in the console
    DE278411 - Timeline - JavaScript exception
    DE278434 - Clicking timeline event in notebook is generating error message
    DE280061 - Missing metric mapping for Backend REST webservices in ATC details panel (no Blamepoint Metrics visible)
    DE280165 - Merge - APM 10.3 Hotfix#32 - 00676206 - 10.3 HF26 creating invalid view names for custom reports
    DE280754 - Fix - APM 10.1.0 HF #29 - Hot Fix Needed for Live Mode Query
    DE280989 - Long time to login after upgrade to APM 10.5.1
    DE281478 - Setting default perspective doesn’t work
    DE282139 - LDAP User search in Universe User Assignment doesn't work
    DE282651 - 00701154 - Resizing Browser Window breaks Team Center display
    DE284600 - High ART for Patch graph/vertex
    DE284606 - Incorrect time stamp for Last Modification in Universes
    DE285010 - Fix - APM 10.5.0 HF#7 - MOM not able to start
    DE286436 - SmartStor Metadata directory is default to data/metadata during upgrade
    DE286561 - Assisted Triage problems and evidences are not shown in UI
    DE287308 - SC00722638 - permission error when attempting to make a perspective default when created by another admin account
    DE288738 - [bug bash]Transaction Count does not match across Overall and Transaction Volume Graph
    DE290262 - Duplicate key value violates unique constraint "aca_user_pk" Error In EM for 10.6
    DE290330 - Drag and drop is not possible in Experience View if the number of cards is larger than can be fitted in the view.
    DE291362 - 10.5.2_SupportBundler tool fails to collect Smartstor data
    DE292175 - [bug bash] Clicking a card caused error which resulted in corrupted view
    DE292187 - [bug bash] the filter on application in universe doesn't seem to work
    DE292194 - [bug bash] Page Refresh loses Universes Selection
    DE292201 - [bug bash] Experience cards constantly loading but not displaying data.
    DE292203 - [bug bash] Edges not correctly reflecting alert status
    DE292282 - Edge missing between frontends
    DE292283 - Custom Metric Aggregation fails when string metrics are reported
    DE292414 - [bug bash] Disabled menu items
    DE292789 - DBTCAnalyst throws error in log when no Agent name found in attribute
    DE292965 - 10.5.2_Analysis workbench properties still exist in SAP EM
    DE293463 - DOM based Cross site Scripting in /diagramming/SOADependencyMap.jsp?drawingContextID=90026
    DE294163 - HTTP status 400 Bad Request when deleting custom attributes
    DE294842 - Pin-at layout issues in webview chart

    DE273881 - ATC REST API should handle larger number of concurrent requests without affecting WebView
    DE284600 - High ART for Patch graph/vertex
    DE295611 - Alerts - Incorrectly firing
    DE294218 - Webview Home Page Graph Issue
    DE284339, DE289774 - Topology map does not contain complete map of application components, because transaction processing does not handle the load and is discarding traces.

    DE291527 - Non-Admin user's are seeing data related to admin. It seems to be permission issues when clicked on HOME tab on WebView.

    DE297388 - I often got an IE11 error page when I clicked on links in ATC, especially on "Go To Map"
    DE297389 - I sometimes got "long running script" error messages
    DE297391 - There is no link back from the Analysis Notebook to the last card that I viewed before opening the notebook, only one level higher

    DE285829 - No Apply/Revert/Delete buttons for TT Action

    DE283380 - Team Center/Webview not using context path properly

    DE287337 - RemoteHttpCallService throws spring exception agent cannot deserialize

    DE284575 - When EEM is involved, users are unable to login into APM sometimes, until the MOM is restarted
    DE280989 - Long time to login after upgrade to APM 10.5.1
    US321408 - Performance: ACA settings cache. This is formally a story but the behavior is really defective without this fix.

    DE286423 - UI fix. It fixes disabled Drop down menu in case user has no access. It also fixes performance issue in Card edit preview which was found in VW.

    DE275548 - deregister live mode watch on HomeController destroy
    DE283806 - 'Average DOM Processing Time' for Browser Page load metrics is not reported in ATC
    DE282662 - BA JS calculator does not aggregate BA metrics
    DE277100 - Private cards sharing - APM 10.5 Hotfix#07

    DE284214 - Dashbard Resolution
    DE282378 - - Future time range showing on graph on workstation
    DE280422 - APM 10.5.1 HF#3 - 00691951 - 10.5: workstation starts a metric a few data points off of graph
    DE282381 - - 15 seconds reverting to 30 seconds on miscellaneous tab on graph
    DE281772 - top n filter graphs incorrect
    DE281767 - Resolution ignored for graph display widgets in webview
    DE280667 - Resolution ignored for graph display widgets

    DE280888 - Team Center Bad Performance
    DE277100 - Private cards sharing
    DE281123 - Use live data clamp when possible
    DE281137 - Disable legacy appmap backend
    DE280064 - com.wily.introscope.server.enterprise.entity.rocksdb.RocksDBInternalException: org.rocksdb.RocksDBException: Corruption: checksum mismatch
    DE279628 - greyed metrics are showing after agent connects regardles of activity
    DE270510 - 10.5 Team Center Analysis Notebook showing incorrect number (0) of poor transactions
    DE277867 - Memory leak in Team Center - simple click on tile leaks 2MB
    DE282582 -  Prod MOM down

    DE279390 APM 10.5.1 HF#4 - - ORA-01400 Cannot insert NULL value into apm_owner

    DE272528 - Order by failed count of cards is not working
    DE273141 - docops links not working in 10.5.1
    DE269372 - [post10.5.1] Edges inside group and grouped edges -- highlight doesn't propagate
    DE269703 - duplicate doctype element
    DE269797 - ""Experience View"" in the menu is the last option in Internet Explorer (as compared with Chrome and Firefox browsers)
    DE271622 - Proxy vertex with uppercase host name not matched to backend call
    DE272038 - Selecting group (perspective) does not consider backend vertices to be displayed in RHS panel and timeline
    DE272518 - Remote http call does not support PATCH operation
    DE272537 - Inferred DB does not have Hostname attribute
    DE272538 - No Metric Mapping for Backend REST webserviceshttps://rally1.rallydev.com/#/45760025728d/detail/defect/89863977952/duplicates
    DE273131 - NullPointerException: Decoration rule cannot be created
    DE269369 - [post10.5.1] Status on edges is not updated correctly
    DE270358 - AT Panel Story never changes to inactive
    DE271654 - Webserver PP not resolving localhost/
    DE271674 - Attribute list not sorted alphabetically
    DE272042 - ART charts drop to zero on the right.
    DE272254 - Selecting evidence will not move view for selected vertex
    DE273009 - Tile status has to be calculated from ordinary vertex alerts only - UVB alerts has to be ignore
    DE273012 - Variance Intensity alerts are not visualized on metric charts
    DE273110 - Added Application Errors and Application Response Time into Default MM, modified Metric Expressions for Transaction Errors, Transaction Response Time and Response Time Variance Intensity
    DE275020 - Experiences drop-down does not respect the user's selection

    DE271901 - 10.5 - APMSQLserver property not being honored

    DE272970 - Sometimes DBTC stories don't come up in 10.5.1
    DE273272 - Alerts on Application Entry Points do not create AT Evidences
    DE271972 - Drilldown from anomaly or problem sometimes show different BTs
    DE313018 - 00828458 - ATC Experience View display problem with large values in Aggregated Response Time Histogram
    DE316874 - 00823730-Authentication error with LDAP Users on local ATC

  • 4.  Re: Overview / Typeview Not displaying Proper Data

    Posted 09-17-2018 04:08 PM

    Hallett_German - I did not see any fixes mentioned about the issue I'm facing but I doubt this hasn't been seen before now.  Could I trouble you to check a 10.7.x installation of any variety to see if you can reproduce this behavior when you can this week or when you have a chance?

  • 5.  Re: Overview / Typeview Not displaying Proper Data

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 09-17-2018 07:48 PM

    Dear Community:

        Has anyone else seen this in 10.5 or 10.7 . Please report back.


    Hal German

  • 6.  Re: Overview / Typeview Not displaying Proper Data
    Best Answer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 09-17-2018 08:33 PM

    Hi Chris,

    I just ran some test with 10.7 SP2 and I see similar lbehaviour in Live mode.

    Initially in workstation when I opened the Investigator and went to an agent Frontends node I saw a discrepancy.

    As soon as I executed the app the new live data updated correctly in the overview but earlier data within in the 8 minutes is still not included:


    As soon as the next data point comes in if no data then overview shows 0 again


    If I switch to Historical mode the overview data for 8 minutes matches the graph


    I also see similar behaviour on WebView

    Live - overview has 0 data if latest data point has no data


    Historical 8 minutes - overview has matching data


    So in Live mode the overview only seems to be showing data for the current data point and not the whole 8 minutes - does all above match what you see?

    I have never actually noticed this before but it sounds like not working as designed, so maybe raise a support case for us to review more detail.





  • 7.  Re: Overview / Typeview Not displaying Proper Data

    Posted 09-18-2018 09:23 AM

    Thank you Hal and Lynn 


    I think this is the way typeviews / overviews work.   typeviews in live show  the current data point value.   typeviews   in historical show the max value seen in the time period.   


    I found this in page in docops.  - The Metric Browser Tab - CA Application Performance Management - 10.7 - CA Technologies Documentation 


    It covers some of overviews but doesn't seem to truly spell out the behavior.


    "Application overview metrics in historical mode

    Over a historical range, an alert color reflects the worst-case value of the heuristic at any point in the historical range. For example, if at any time during a historical range the User heuristic for an agent was yellow, but never red, the Overview tab for that historical range is yellow."


    Consider the GCMonitor overview and other stoplight based overviews.   The behaviour described fits this pattern very well.


    Hopefully someone in the community can confirm but I feel like this is how it works 



  • 8.  Re: Overview / Typeview Not displaying Proper Data

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 09-18-2018 08:37 PM

    Hi Chris,

    You are correct. I checked with Anil in Engineering and he confirmed that it is working as designed that the typeview is just getting the current value in Live mode.

    For Historical mode it looks like it aggregates or averages the data point values depending on the metric type - from this latest test where I am displaying Responses in the first graph and R/T in the second graph:



    I will create an internal case requesting a documentation update with 100% clarification.



  • 9.  Re: Overview / Typeview Not displaying Proper Data

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 09-26-2018 07:56 AM

    Hi Lynn,


    I have the doc enhancement request. I'm working on it, and I will update you when it is ready.


    Thank you,



  • 10.  Re: Overview / Typeview Not displaying Proper Data

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 09-26-2018 06:08 PM

    Thanks Melissa Lawhorn !