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CA Wily on HP ALM application

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  • 1.  CA Wily on HP ALM application

    Posted 12-22-2017 04:53 AM



    I have Wily successfully configured in our HP ALM production environment. I can see both of my applications listed in the Investigator console and they are monitoring resource usage as expected.


    However, when I try to set it up in the exact same way in my HP ALM Development environment it does not work. The application server cannot be seen in the Investigator console.


    Details below:


    We are using CA APM Introscope Agent in both Production and Dev.

    Install path is the same on both: D:\Wily


    In the application's wrapper file we have it configured exactly the same.




    In the IntroscopeAgent.profile they are configured similarly, the only difference being that we point to different Wily DNS names to distinguish between our Wily production and Wily dev. For example:



    introscope.agent.enterprisemanager.transport.tcp.host.DEFAULT=XX.***.***.*** (Our Wily Prod IP)




    introscope.agent.enterprisemanager.transport.tcp.host.DEFAULT=***.XX.***.XX (Our Wily Dev IP)


    We restart the application's service as well as the server, but still cannot figure out why the Wily agent is not being triggered. This is what I see in the wrapper.log file of the application when it restarts:


    Launching a JVM...
    INFO | jvm 1 | 2017/12/20 11:03:20.072 | -XX:+ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -XX:InitialHeapSize=8594128896 -XX:MaxHeapSize=8594128896 -XX:MaxPermSize=536870912 -XX:MaxTenuringThreshold=6 -XX:NewRatio=2 -XX:OldPLABSize=16 -XX:+PrintCommandLineFlags -XX:+PrintFlagsFinal -XX:+UseCompressedOops -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:-UseLargePagesIndividualAllocation -XX:+UseParNewGC


    So no mention of Wily there. But when I check the same wrapper log file in Production, Wily isn't mentioned there either. But yet it works in Production.


    Does anyone have any tips or advice? Thanks.

  • 2.  Re: CA Wily on HP ALM application

    Posted 12-22-2017 05:09 AM

    Is the agent producing any logs?

    Are the JRE versions the same in both environments?

    What is the Java container (Tomcat, JBoss, etc)?

  • 3.  Re: CA Wily on HP ALM application

    Posted 12-22-2017 05:29 AM

    Both environments are using 1.8.0_73

    The Java container is Jetty


    I checked for logs (d:\wily\logs) in the non-working tier and there are no recent logs.

  • 4.  Re: CA Wily on HP ALM application

    Posted 12-22-2017 05:36 AM

    Have you tried grabbing the working wrapper.conf file and copying it to the non-working setup?

    Have you tried DIFF'ing the files to see where the differences are?

  • 5.  Re: CA Wily on HP ALM application

    Posted 12-22-2017 06:15 AM

    Tried both suggestions. The server still does not appear. It is very strange.

  • 6.  Re: CA Wily on HP ALM application
    Best Answer

    Posted 12-22-2017 06:20 AM

    Please email me your wrapper.conf from both.
    Let me know which one doesn't work.



  • 7.  Re: CA Wily on HP ALM application

    Posted 12-22-2017 06:41 AM

    Just sent. Thanks.

  • 8.  Re: CA Wily on HP ALM application

    Posted 12-22-2017 07:10 AM

    Yes I got them.

  • 9.  Re: CA Wily on HP ALM application

    Posted 12-24-2017 10:55 AM

    Dear Colin:

    I am marking this as answered since this should have been a discussion and multiple responses have been given. You are also welcome to open a case as well. Please provide an update on your progress so others can learn from your use case

  • 10.  Re: CA Wily on HP ALM application

    Posted 01-02-2018 04:27 PM

    I'm meeting with Colin tomorrow to go over the configurations.

  • 11.  Re: CA Wily on HP ALM application

    Posted 01-04-2018 06:45 AM

    Thank you so much Haruhiko.


    We eventually discovered that another monitoring tool was installed on the server and there appeared to be some conflict between it and Wily.

    No matter what we tried the wily Agent.jar wasn't being triggered when the application was starting up despite the wrapper.conf and IntroscopeAgent.profile config looking ok.


    Once we removed the other monitoring tool and restarted the server, Wily began to work ok.


    Thank you all once again for your assistance with this - much appreciated.

  • 12.  Re: CA Wily on HP ALM application

    Posted 01-04-2018 09:57 AM

    Awesome. You cannot have two monitoring tools trying to do bytecode instrumentation at the same time. It will cause strange issues like this.