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Weekly Participation Reminder: Be Part of the Community Journey

  • 1.  Weekly Participation Reminder: Be Part of the Community Journey

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 11-06-2017 02:41 PM

    Important Note: These series of weekly reminders applies to all that visit in this community. Whether an APM/AXA/ASM Admin, customer, partner, CA staff, or anther role, you are more than welcome to come here and spend time in this invaluable neighborhood. 


    The Community Journey

       On those days where nothing is scheduled, I spend time doing "deep work." These hours are more enjoyable while listening to a podcast in the background. One of today's talks covered the idea of the Community journey. And I thought about what that meant here.

    Each day, this and every online Community is undertaking its own journey. It is a dance of activity, content, learning, friendship, and more! And I love logging in each day to see it take place. I hope that others feel the same. 


     Be Part of the Community Journey

    An online Community is not a "one size fits all." We all have different experiences in our lives and with the products covered here. By sharing those with others, we grow as well. A wise APM user once told me, "what good is knowledge if it gathers dust?" I found that an important personal moment after which I began to share freely. I found it much more rewarding after doing this.


    Every post really counts and helps this community grow in our APM NeighborhoodThere is no contribution or contact that is too small!  With the dynamic changes in products, applications, and environments, this connection is becoming increasingly important.

         You should be seeing at a personal and community level how this all-important APM resource is improving with each other's involvement.


    Looking to help/contribute in this Community?

    Then please provide and share your APM/AXA/ASM:
    - Technical Questions -- It could be something that you are planning to do or a nagging question that you always wanted to get an answer for. No question is too simple. Please ask for pointers on those key topics you wish to learn more about.
    - Responses to other Admin/Customer Questions. I note these opportunities when new questions arise. Please assist if you can,
    - Case Results (Whether or not sharing a technical question)
    - Enhancement Requests
    - Technical Documents
    - Deployment and Monitoring Experiences.

    - And anything else your mind can think of!


    What is Needed for a Rich Community?

    However, the foundations of a enriched APM Community is interaction and engagement. And more importantly, doing so consistently on a daily or weekly manner if we can.. We all want our questions answered and have needed discussions to take place.

    But it is hard to do this if our peers are not taking an active part in these conversations!!!


    Your Opportunity
    Each day we have an opportunity to improve ourselves, our monitoring environments, and to help each other. Please consider beginning or continuing to log in often and participate in this community. Putting a smile on someone else's face or hearing the words, "that was helpful, thank you" is an unparalleled source of personal satisfaction.