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HowTo get JBoss auto create Frontends

  • 1.  HowTo get JBoss auto create Frontends

    Posted Mar 28, 2018 03:49 AM

    I have a customer with two (2) web apps deployed in our Jboss instance.
    • One web app was deployed by placing the war file in the “deployment” directory of Jboss (Jboss’ staging area for deployments), then Jboss auto detects the file and does a deployment of the app, and this app is auto detected by CA APM and shows up in the Frontends tab.
    • The other web app was deployed via Jboss’s management console, therefore it was never placed into the “deployment” directory as it goes directly into Jboss’ data directory which only has the contents of the war file, not the war file itself, this app does not get auto detected by CA APM to show up in the Frontends tab.
    • Based on the link below, seems the auto detection only happens if a war file is found, so how can we have the app deployed via the Jboss management console auto detected by CA APM?


    The Triage Map Tab - CA Application Performance Management - 10.1 - CA Technologies Documentation 


    Is there a particular way that JBoss must be deployed to be guaranteed to get all applications metrics