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  • 1.  Rich Email Notifications with Contextual Data

    Posted Jul 12, 2017 09:35 AM

    Action - New Send SMTP Mail action has a listing of dynamic fields that can be added to the subject and body of an email.


    If you click on the ? box

    You get a list of all of the dynamic tokens, in this question focusing on the "$(Problem_Detail_List_Only) field.


    When an alert has "Notify by individual metric" the problem detail list only should have a single row


    NormalSuperDomain|abcef001|AIXAgent|PerfMonAgent|vmstat|Memory:computational pages %93


    I would like to use this as my subject in my email but since it is a list, the replacement does not occur and I get the following:

    TEST vmstat - memory - computational pages % - ${Problem_Detail_List_Only}


    Is there anyway to index into the list and only use the first row of a list or be able to reference the text only by index?


    So, like

    ${Problem_Detail_List_Only}[1,1] = Normal

    ${Problem_Detail_List_Only}[1,2] = SuperDomain|abcef001|AIXAgent|PerfMonAgent|vmstat|Memory:computational pages %

    ${Problem_Detail_List_Only}[1,3] = 93



    ${Problem_Detail_List_Only}[1] = Normal SuperDomain|abcef001|AIXAgent|PerfMonAgent|vmstat|Memory:computational pages % 93



    Thank you,


  • 2.  Re: Rich Email Notifications with Contextual Data
    Best Answer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jul 12, 2017 11:34 AM

    Hi Billy:

    This was asked for you internally. A Knowledge Doc JUST got published on this -- TEC1902607

    This is the response given by Engineering


    Here are the list tokens (potentially produce lists or multiple lines) that are not allowed in Subject field:



    Hal German


    So this is not possible at this time. Please let us know if this is helpful. Not sure if an idea would help on this one. You may post followup questions as needed