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In 10.x, ABA replaced by differential analysis

  • 1.  In 10.x, ABA replaced by differential analysis

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Feb 24, 2016 02:07 PM

      A KB was just created with Product Management's input stating this.

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    ABA has been discontinued. What are my alternatives?  TEC1891386



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    In the APM 10.0 user guide, I see the following:

    "Note: If you downloaded APM after December 2015, ABA is not available. This documentation is included for earlier downloads."

    What can I use in place of ABA?


      Environment: APM 10.0 and later



      ABA has been replaced by Differential Analysis.  The reasons for this transition are the following:

    "ABA represented a major innovation: bringing advanced analysis to APM users in order to progress beyond traditional baselines that other APM vendors rely upon.  In the three years we have invested in ABA, CA APM has learned a lot about the role of analytics in application performance management.  We have learned the need  for prescriptive results so that our users can *act* on the information presented.  Said differently, analytics should be woven into the journey of APM and not  necessarily be a “destination” in the product itself. Analytics should help users figure out what to do next.  Based on this understanding, moving forward, we are weaving analytics more deeply into APM so that it becomes a natural part of the user experience. Thus, ABA, as it stands today, will not receive future investment. Rather, we will be taking relevant parts of it and embedding them more deeply into the rest of APM as part of a new capability we’re calling Differential Analysis. "


    "Differential Analysis is designed to go beyond traditional baselines that only use simple math to determine “normal” ranges and then identify how far “out of norm”  a metric might be.  Instead, when a real person looks at a metric chart to analyze it, she often asks contextual questions like "Is this spike lasting a long time?  Is it a little spike or a BIG spike?  Is it happening slowly or all of a sudden?”  The APM team is working to make this type of analysis easier for everyone, even those who aren’t skilled application experts. We’ve added another layer of intelligence that eliminates work that used to be manual by automating the answers to the questions above.  We’re going to integrate this concept into the main screens of APM so that analytics is woven into the triage journey and is not just a destination that only experts seek to access.


    "Finally, to ensure that Differential Analysis will meet our customers’ needs, we have already applied its algorithms to many gigabytes of customer-provided data.   We are confident that customers will find immediate value from this innovative and differentiating new capability as we progress to a truly E.P.I.C. APM solution."

    So, switch to using differential analysis instead of ABA.

    To learn more about this new feature, see: