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ABA filter unused Components

  • 1.  ABA filter unused Components

    Posted 05-08-2015 10:44 AM

    Hi all folks,

    we use ABA since some month for testing purpose only (based on Introscope 9.5.2).

    Some of the Components are reported all the time are not important on the one hand and on the other ABA doesn't learn the stupid behavior of these Components is normal.


    My question also,

    how to block/filter Components to be reported to ABA.


    The only way I find is, the EM send all the data specified in "Analytics.properties" to ABA.

    But I can't find a usefull way to block only some Components.


    Any Idea,




    Add a list of all important Components to the "Analytics.properties" is not an option.

    I can't create a filter with some hundred entries to suppress some Components only.