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static file monitoring using CEM

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  • 1.  static file monitoring using CEM

    Posted 07-24-2014 02:01 PM

    We have a need to monitor static files such as .gif/.css/.js in order to troubleshoot a performance bottleneck.  Is there a way to enable that using CEM's agent recroding feature?  We are on 9.1.1 MOM.  I know it can be done using URL grouping; wondering if there's a way to do it using CEM





  • 2.  Re: static file monitoring using CEM
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    Posted 07-25-2014 03:40 AM

    Hi SKumar,


    Monitoring static files using CEM can be done by recording a transaction containing that component.


    To elaborate, for e.g. you want to monitor some offer_search.css used in your application. What you can do is -


    1. Record a business transaction containing that component (.css).
    2. Make that .css as an identifiable component .
    3. Once it is listed out as an identifiable transaction, promote it to some business service with same character encoding (i.e. UTF or ISO etc)
    4. Now go to the components under Administration->Business Service tab->components and update the URL or whatever with regular expression using asterik(*). So this will be capturing all the .css for all the business transactions.
      For e.g. URL matches ".offer_search.css"


    This way, whenever your .css comes in use for any transaction, it will be monitored by CEM. The only limitation which I think is that,it should be present in the URL to get identified as a transaction.

    Hope it answers to your query.


    Let e know if you require something else.