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toolbar bitmaps confused with codejock skinframework

  • 1.  toolbar bitmaps confused with codejock skinframework

    Posted 04-12-2017 10:46 AM

    Hi Plexperts,


    we have decided to use the #codejock Skinframework, Version 17.3.0, in order to "redesign/modernize" the look and feel of our plex generated application a liitle bit.


    The import of the Codejock Skinframework package into plex and the Gen & Build worked well.


    Both Codejock methods, LoadSkin and ApplyWindow, do not  return an error, so everything works fine and the design of our application changes as expected (nearly).


    What we have noticed is, that the bitmaps in the mdi childs are totaly messy/confused. Flyover hints, the fired events and also the number of the buttons on the #toolbar are okay, but the shown #bitmaps on the toolbar of the 2nd and all following called mdi childs are #confused.


    Plexversion : 7.2.1 Build 24.001

    Language: WinC

    Codejock: Version 17.3.0 Skinframwork


    I hope, that there is allready a solution for this issue and i would appreciate any suggestion.


    Thanks in advance