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Unicode on SQL-Database

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  • 1.  Unicode on SQL-Database

    Posted 10-30-2014 08:52 AM

    Hi everyone,


    i read several docs about Unicode and plex and SQL.


    my question: is it right, that Unicode works on SQL-Database with CA Plex r6.1 but only when the Server functions (winntc) are generated as C# Functions (.net) ? So with "old" c++ winntc functions there is no Support for Unicode?


    thanks in advance. best regards, tobias

  • 2.  Re: Unicode on SQL-Database
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    Posted 10-31-2014 06:40 PM



    Yes it is true. Plex generated C++ including WinC and WinNTC doesn't support Unicode in program layer.


    However it is supported with both Client and server of Java, and .NET. Also RPGIV on IBM i.

    The data exchanges between Java <--> .NET, Java <--> RPGIV and .NET <--> RPGIV is also supported.


    If you use C++ allocation as a Client to connect these 3 platform, it keeps runs however all of Unicode Data will be converted to non-Unicode data (ANSI) therefore you will see a loos of Data. 


    So if you build WINC Client to connect C# Server, it isn't pure Unicode supported environment.




  • 3.  Re: Unicode on SQL-Database

    Posted 11-03-2014 02:35 AM

    Thanks a lot Kiyoshi,


    this was my worry.


    best regards, tobias

  • 4.  Re: Unicode on SQL-Database

    Posted 07-28-2017 09:37 AM

    Hi Kiyoshi,


    now, 3 years and a lot of Plex Release later again my question: is unicode with the relase ca plex 7.2.1 and "old" winntc c++ functions compatible?


    if not, what does it mean exactly? is there any way to use unicode in combination with ms sql server?


    my issue:

    i want to open a textfile which is encoded in utf-8 via plex-api-call and store the data/each textfile line (including unicode chars) in the sql database?

    is there any way?


    thanks in advance, tobias