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CA 2E Office Hours Transcript (Feb. 18)

  • 1.  CA 2E Office Hours Transcript (Feb. 18)

    Posted 02-18-2015 12:50 PM
    Lenn Thompson - CA :Good morning, @Donald and @Henky. We're going to get started in just a minute. Thanks for your patience.



    Lenn Thompson - CA :Okay guys -- we're ready to go. What questions do you have for the CA 2E team?



    Simon Cockayne - CA :Hey folks :-)



    Henky Saputera :Hi there, good to see all of you.  thank you for this opportunity



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Henky: You're very welcome. Thanks for joining us!



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - Good to see you too. I think this is such a cool idea of Lenn's.



    Donald Burdette :Good morning.



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Donald - Hello!



    Henky Saputera :I have two questions in general.  as a background, we're a 2E RP4 shop, with a mix of COBOL & RPG OPM/ILE



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - ok.



    Henky Saputera :the 2E-based application that we have is quite complex and large.  nowadays, many conversation here is about scalability to support business growth.  so topic like performance and how to deal with big data is hot



    Henky Saputera :my 1st question will be about the 2E roadmap for application modernization.  many newer RPG BIFs have been introduced since 5.1 -- is there any plan in the pipeline to start refining the RPG generated code by starting to take advantage of these newer BIFs ?



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - That's interesting to know. First time I have heard #BigData with CA 2E. Cool!



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - Folks have discussed BIF for RPG in the past. We don't currently have that item in the Backlog.



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - Have you added an idea for this on the Idea wall?



    Henky Saputera :OK I see.  I've seen & posted some items on the forum related to this.  hopefully they'll get enough votes...



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - Cool. Adding an idea is the bast vehicle to tell folks what you want.



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - Socializing your idea and encouraging others to collaborate, comment and vote is a lovely tactic.



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@ALL - Whose booked tickets to the 7th CA 2E/Plex conference? See



    Donald Burdette :I have any easy question. Is 2E 8.6 certified to run on 7.2 of the operating system?  Anyting I need to be aware of before upgrading  7.1 to 7.2?



    Steve Dunk - CA :@Donald - yes it is, sir



    Steve Dunk - CA :@Donald - you will be fine



    Donald Burdette :Thanks



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Steve - Hello, sir!



    Steve Dunk - CA :@Simon - Hello man!



    Henky Saputera :second question I have.  so we also control the DB changes here.  we have multi-model environment, so whenever we introduce new files, for example, we have to make sure (as part of the process), all the fields & files attribute are the same.  currently, we have to do this one model at a time.  then moving on to the next model, and manually eyeball and synch the details with the previous model



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - That sounds painful.



    Henky Saputera :I think it will be very helpful if there's any new utility aimed for multi-model maintenance.  maybe create a new field and push it to multiple different models in one shot, and the field will have its GEN name synched up all across, as well as all the attribute



    Henky Saputera :@Simon, it is...  we'll end up with thicker glasses & carpal tunnel..



    Steve Dunk - CA :@Henky - that is incredibly complicated to achieve



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - That multi-model maintenance idea sounds good.



    Henky Saputera :so I think any utility that is aimed for multi-model maintenance, will be awesome



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - What about CPYMDLOBJ or CA 2E CM, can they help here?



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - Again, I would say get this posted as an Idea and start folks collaborating around it.



    Henky Saputera :there was some bad experience with YCPYMDLOBJ here in the past, so this utility is now forbidden to use



    Henky Saputera :and we're using Aldon...



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - Multi-model maintenance might be an interesting topic for the conference. Are you going? Have you thought about submitting a topic around this?



    Henky Saputera :@Simon, we've told our managers about the conference.  some of us might go, though we don't know yet at this point



    Henky Saputera :@Simon, I'll create a new Idea item and a post about this multi-model maintenance



    Simon Cockayne - CA :P.s. At the conference you don't have to do a formal session, per se. Could be a fish-bowl? Could be lean-coffee? Could be part of hackathon?



    Steve Dunk - CA :@Donald the updated 2E Compatibility Chart is here



    Donald Burdette :Thank you



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Donald - Can I ask what's driving your move to IBM i 7.2?



    Donald Burdette :There isn't anything in particular, we just like to stay current. Our auditors don't want us to get to far out of date with whatever versions of software are the most current.



    Henky Saputera :another question I have, what will be the focus for 2E 8.8 ?  8.7 just came out, but I'm wondering if there's already anything planned for the next release



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Donald - Yes, that makes sense. I hear similar reasoning  other folks.



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Don - Team worked hard to certify r8.7 and r8.6 against IBM i 7.2.  They were pleased with that work.



    Donald Burdette :That's good to hear.



    Henky Saputera :Kudos to the 2E Team, we're also happy learning about the compatibility with 7.2



    Antony Tang :Question:  Is there an ILE version of 2e/runtime objects available?



    Steve Dunk - CA :@Tony - not at the moment, they are OPM



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - We have been discussing what to do for r8.8 and been grooming.



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky NOTE: This is not a guarantee of if/when r8.8 will be done, when it will be and what it might contain...



    Simon Cockayne - CA I always say "Features and dates are subject to change and withdrawl".



    Henky Saputera :@Simon --  OK I see... 



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - One thing that I would like to see for 2E would be integration with CA API Gateway, just like CA Plex r7.2 has.



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - This integrations supports our App Dev business line strategy.



    Henky Saputera :@Simon, I don't know much about Plex.  the API Gateway, is it another product  CA?  can you please give some overview about this service/product ?



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - CA API Gateway is a product  CA. You can find our more about it here:



    Henky Saputera :@Simon -- OK I'll check it out.  Thanks!



    Simon Cockayne - CA :"The industry-leading family of API gateways  CA Technologies offers unmatched flexibility, performance and security. Building on the foundation of its industry-leading SOA application gateway technology for exposing, securing and managing backend applications, network systems or infrastructure via APIs, CA Technologies has added critical mobile, cloud and REST composition features. With this additional functionality, CA API Gateways represent the best available solution for enterprises looking to open data and services to partners, developers, mobile apps, cloud services and smart devices."



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - AND...we are building a brand new product CA App Services Orchestrator (ASO), that will be able to take SOAP services ( CA 2E or CA Plex or CA Gen, or other IDEs) and orchestrate them into contemporary WEB APIs (e.g. RESTful).



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - If you are interested in joining the agile collaboration program for ASO, you can join the party here:



    Henky Saputera :@Simon -- I see.  so looks like the focus is about exposing business logic in 2E-based app as a collection of APIs.



    Henky Saputera :@Simon -- it sounds really neat & cool, maybe something that we'll evolve into eventually...  Unfortunately, we're not there yet.  There could be another team here who's focusing on that kind of work (I don't know...)



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - Yes! Exactly. We seeing so much talk and energy around APIs.



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - Please do feel to point colleagues to ASO ( or to me. I am the Product Owner for ASO.



    Henky Saputera :@Simon -- OK I see.  Congratulation as well!  Looks like you're now managing bigger portfolio...



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - A big part of the AppDev strategy is that it allows you to protect and use your investment in your CA 2E applications, by exposing logic as APIs.



    Henky Saputera :@Lenn -- just wondering, will the chat transcript be available later on ?



    Donald Burdette :Will there be a demo of the API integration at the conference?



    Henky Saputera :@Donald -- thanks that is a great question



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky - Of course, the App Dev strategy also covers the App Dev family of products beyond CA 2E, e.g. CA Plex, CA Gen, et al.



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Donald - Yes! We do plan to demo API integration at the conference.



    Donald Burdette :Okay



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Henky: Yes, absolutely. We'll clean up the formatting and post it in the community later today.



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Donald - We're lucky that one of the keynote speakers is Mike Amundsen ( who will be talking about the vision and value of APIs and how they are valuable to the CA 2E and CA Plex community.



    Henky Saputera :@Lenn -- OK sounds good. Thank you!



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Donald - In addition to demos and session and keynote...I hope you can get a chance to play with CA App Services Orchestrator in the Hackathon.



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Henky You're welcome!



    Donald Burdette :Still trying to work out the conference in my schedule, but I am hoping to go.



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Donald - We'd love to see you there. AND if you have an idea for session don't forget to submit it. :-)



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Donald - Austin is a fun town, I hear...and the conf should be packed full of valuable stuff.



    Antony Tang :@Thanks you all, the chat is very informative, looking forward to see you all in the conference



    Lenn Thompson - CA :Does anyone have any other questions for the team?



    Donald Burdette :My second question is one that may not be appropriate here, but I will ask it anyway. My senior 2R programmer is retiring at the end of the year. I have been trying to find a replacement for him for the last eight months without any success. Does anyone have any tips for getting experienced 2E programmers?  -MORE-



    Donald Burdette :And has CA done any thinking along the lines of helping to educate a next generation of 2E programmers to replace our current crop of programmers?



    Henky Saputera :@Donald -- I think human resource is a challenge not just for the 2E, but IBM i in general



    Simon Cockayne - CA :Hey @Donald - I would say it's cool to ask in the Plex/2E community:



    Donald Burdette :I'll give that a shot.



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Donald - And are also consider socializing on LinkedIn.



    Simon Cockayne - CA :I believe there is a CA 2E group on LinkedIn.



    Donald Burdette :I did not thing there was a large group of 2E people on LinkedIn?



    Donald Burdette :did not think...



    Henky Saputera :@Donald -- there are two groups.  with ~1500 & ~500 members, so quite number of audience there...



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Donald - I don't disagree. But for the sake of a short post there...who knows what the power of serendipity may bring ;-)



    Henky Saputera :@All -- I don't have anymore question for now.  Thank you so much for this chat opportunity!  Hopefully we can meet at the Austin conference...



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Henky Thanks for joining us. Don't forget to post those ideas!



    Henky Saputera :@Simon, yes certainly.  thanks Simon!



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@All - Hat-tip to @Lenn for putting this together for all of us.



    Donald Burdette :Thank you



    Lenn Thompson - CA :Thanks for joining, everyone. We hope you found this useful. Look for an announcement about the next session. Have a great day everyone!



    Simon Cockayne - CA :@Steve - Lovely to see you too :-)


    Simon_Cockayne Steve_Dunk

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    Community Manager
    Posted 02-18-2015 03:09 PM

    Thanks for posting this Chris_Stallone and thank you to dburdette.1, Henky.Saputera.1 and kcaxt01 for joining us today and offering some great questions.


    And of course thank you to the CA 2E team -- Simon_Cockayne Dan Short, Steve_Dunk and Cindy Michaels -- for their time today. Great session!

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    Posted 02-18-2015 04:22 PM

    Hey Lenn,


    I had a swell time.


    I thought this was a really engaging format.


    Especially since you post the transcript here and the useful links.


    Looking forward to the next one!





    Product Owner - CA App Services Orchestrator, CA Plex, CA 2E.

    CA Technologies.