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Change ActiveX Tree View Node's Background Colour

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  • 1.  Change ActiveX Tree View Node's Background Colour

    Posted 07-21-2014 06:52 AM

    Hi All


    Trying to find away to change a Node on a Tree View, background colour.  Using the Bstructu/_Structure pattern.


    I tried editing the VB Source Code: : Bstructu/_Structure.UI.TreeGrid.Scripts.TreeView_AddChild by added this line of Code


    Node.BackColor = vbBlue


    But I get an error the message Object doesn't support this property or method: 'Node.BackColor'


    Another idea I have is maybe to use the .Net Tree View, but not sure how to get Plex to use it.


    Any idea's how I can do this would be helpful.



  • 2.  Re: Change ActiveX Tree View Node's Background Colour
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    Posted 07-22-2014 04:47 AM

    i always refer to The Treeview ActiveX control - the basics  for help. And your problem is Bstructu/_Structure.UI.TreeGrid.Scripts.TreeView is still using Version5 which does not support what you want. I have upgraded the treeviews activex in stellatools to version6. Nice pattern thou Bstructu/_Structure.UI.TreeGrid.Scripts.TreeView which I recently imported to the stellatools group model pattern.


    How to upgrade?, well if you look at Function: ACTIVE/Animation and Function: ACTIVE/Animation 6  you will get the idea. To test you can get version6 to do what you want in this instance why don't you set TreeView1 to exist NO then add new treeview activex to the panel remembering to set contro name to TreeView1


    BSTRUCTURE Version6.png

  • 3.  Re: Change ActiveX Tree View Node's Background Colour

    Posted 07-22-2014 07:45 AM

    Thank you George, this is exactly what I am looking for.  There is surprisingly very little documentation on this control, and I have been struggle for about a week on this small issue.

    your solution works well.