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{{=doDateDeltaFromRequest()}}- Problem in response-defaults to currentdate

  • 1.  {{=doDateDeltaFromRequest()}}- Problem in response-defaults to currentdate

    Posted 12-04-2020 06:38 AM
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    I have already opened the below thread, but I am unable to post further queries there. So i had to open a new one.. my apologies

    In my DevTest 10.6, doDateDeltaFromRequest() doesn't seem to be picking up date from the request argument. It was working fine until 10.5 and I recently upgraded to 10.6. Not sure if I have to enable some flag?

    Below is the scenario I am trying using doDateDeltaFromRequest()

    Two date arguments createdDate, deliveredDate are part of incoming request with date time stamp and we need to offset executableDate, auditExipiryDate, transactionExpiryDate which are part of response. Desired output is,

    executableDate --> doDateDeltafromRequest  based on 'createdDate', 21D
    auditExipiryDate --> doDateDeltafromRequest  based on 'createdDate', 45D
    transactionExpiryDate --> doDateDeltafromRequest  based on 'createdDate', 30D

    createdDate is the first argument with Date timestamp in my request, so the doDateDeltaFromRequest() is expected to work on this argument. 

    Any help is appreciated

    I have attached a Sample Mar file & the datetime format in my  Please take a look

    @Vaibhav Jain- Thanks for your response to my original thread. I applied your suggestions, but it's not working.​​ I have attached my mar files.

    @Gene Howard
    @Danny Saro
    @Sankar Natarajan

    Sethil Manohar


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