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DevTest API's

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  • 1.  DevTest API's

    Posted 01-05-2020 11:26 PM
    HI Team,

    I am using 10.3 Version of DevTest and designed a Rest Virtual service for my developers which needs to be updated frequently.
    Is there any way i can using rest invoke API of Devtest to update the response.

    Currently, i need to update response and deploy services multiple time into VSE.
    Kindly suggest some good solution to accommodate above requirement and reduce multiple updates and deployment.


  • 2.  RE: DevTest API's

    Posted 01-06-2020 05:31 AM
    Hi Sabir,

    One way to achieve this could be to use a db-driven service, where in the details (request, response, match arguments) could be stored in the db table.
     with this approach, there is no real need to deploy the service again and again, since the details get updated in the db, and can be fetched at the run time.


  • 3.  RE: DevTest API's

    Posted 01-06-2020 06:33 AM
    Service Responses would be dynamic based on developers needs, as we have 50+ developers who will be consuming 150+ VS. and on sprint basis.

    Manipulation of data & varying responses for each dev becoming very tough.
    So, our strategy is to to design an api using DevTest invoke API's which will take dev request/response along with response providing logic and update existing VS on the fly with same host & port.

    Everyone's suggestions on above would really help me alot.

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    Posted 01-07-2020 01:50 PM
    Hi Sabir:
    If your need is Http/Rest, you may even consider looking at Blazemeter Mock Services which provides a simplified way to update request/response for a given Mock Service dynamically on the fly with APIs and enables sharing of transactions with developers using Java library.

  • 5.  RE: DevTest API's

    Posted 01-07-2020 10:49 PM
    Hi Sabir,

    As suggested above, you can implement the same using DB approach where you store Match arguments, Operation & responses in a central DB and then you can build APIs on top of this approach to update transactions directly in DB which will get picked by your Virtual Service Model automatically without the need of a re-deployment - so on the fly update can be achieved.

    You can also develop a VSM framework which works on a logic combining Request parameters with consumer clientId(from headers, basically a unique identifier for consumers) to configure different responses for different developers(or consumers) when they hit with the same request parameters.

    Robin Gupta
    HCL Enterprise Studio

  • 6.  RE: DevTest API's

    Posted 01-16-2020 01:36 AM
    Hello Sabir: 10.3 APIs do not have the ability to update existing VS. However we have added that ability in v10.5. Please take a look at this

    Hope this helps.

    - Koustubh

    Head of Product Management: Service Virtualization
    CA Technologies - A Broadcom Company