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Service Virtualization - Reduce response time

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  • 1.  Service Virtualization - Reduce response time

    Posted 10-12-2016 03:03 AM

    Hi ,

    I have received the new requirement that my virtual service response time is 5 sec however actual service giving response in 3 sec so I need to reduce the response time of my virtualized service.


    Can any one know how to reduce response time.


    With regards



  • 2.  Re: Service Virtualization - Reduce response time
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    Posted 10-12-2016 02:53 PM

    Several ways to do this.  

    Given your use case, I would open the VSI and change the Think Time for each desired response to 3000 millis.  If you had a really high number of responses, you could edit the VSI file and perform a mass find/replace -- but if you do that, you are taking on a risk of causing irreparable damage to the VSI. 


    You could also access your service in the Portal and change the Think Scale to 60%.  This change will reduce all of the response think times to 60% of their value as recorded in the VSI.  So, if a response is 5 seconds, you are reducing it to 60% of 5 seconds which is 3 seconds.  The danger here is that the service is redeployed, the response time is set back to the original time slice (e.g., 100% or 5 seconds).  


    You could also add custom logic to reduce the think time.  One way is via a Scriptable DPH in the Responder step.  This approach is less visible and rebuilding the VSM could overlay this code.  You could get a little more fancy and add a config property off of which you could change the response time.


    If your change to 3 seconds is a permanent one, I would recommend changing the response time in the VSI to prevent the unwanted side effect of someone accidentally changing the virtual service model behavior.

  • 3.  Re: Service Virtualization - Reduce response time

    Posted 10-13-2016 08:17 AM

    Thanks a lot . :)