Service Virtualization

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  • 1.  Lisa behind load balancer

    Posted Apr 29, 2015 12:14 PM



         At American Airlines we are configuring the Lisa 7.5.2 servers behind load balancer for high availability to do pre production performance testing. 

    Idea is to communicate Lisa servers via load balancer. so in failover situation so the load balance has to switch from Server A to B without changing the endpoints and application and Lisa workstation so we have open all required firewall ports from Lisa workstations , application servers to load balancer and also open all required ports from load balancer to Lisa servers.


    After doing all the configuration changes and open all required ports on all firewalls we are able to test the failover scenarios successful but the only problem is we are not able to deploy the virtual services from the Lisa workstations to VSE but Lisa Workstation is able connect to Registry via load balancer.


    I have created CA support and support has came back and said to create a RFE , so the product team can give a patch and for the current version of Lisa and productize it in future versions Lisa as well..


    Please productize the feature of configuring Lisa server behind load balancers and all communications to Lisa server from Lisa workstation should be happen via load balancer.




    Vamsi Kurukuri | CA Technologies | Services Architect