Test Data Manager

  • 1.  API to publish data to DB

    Posted 12-06-2019 07:20 AM

    I am using the above api to publisg data into DB, with the method described as in the below link


    Using the following steps.  

    1. Get token
    2. Connect to Travel_e
    3. Create Project
    4. Create Version
    5. Register tables
    6. Create Data Generator
    7. Get the registered Table ID
    8. Write Data Generation rules
    9. Publish Data
    10. Get the status of the published data

    All steps untill Publish Data works fine. When I run the status check (step 10), I get inconsistent table definitions error in the response body. For the same project, version and generator, I am able to publish manually from portal without any issue. COuld someone kindly help.