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Sybase masking using FDM or TDM

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  • 1.  Sybase masking using FDM or TDM

    Posted 10-09-2019 03:25 AM

    We are considering CA TDM , FDM to mask Data Warehouse hosted on below technologies: 

    • OS is Windows 2008 SP1
    • Sybase version 15.7v and
    • Sybase version 16v
    Also, there are about 6000 tables to analyse and potentially 600-800 tables to mask.

    Could anyone please suggest if these technologies are supported for masking by TDM or FDM? Has anyone successfully masked similar large application using Test Data Manager? To expedite rule creation for these 600-800 tables is there any faster way (CLI etc) than using FDM frontend?

    Are there any learning that can be shared please.


  • 2.  RE: Sybase masking using FDM or TDM
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    Posted 10-09-2019 06:19 AM
    Hi Rahul,  lots of great questions, I'll try to answer them here.

    Sybase support:    Our supported data sources matrix shows that we certify masking for "Sybase-IQ 16.0" and support masking for "Sybase ASE (SAP ASE)"

    Sybase is a supported data source for our TDM Portal, which can generally be used for relationship discovery, PII audit scanning, scalable masking, and Find & Reserve functions.   An output of the PII audit scan is a tagging of PII candidate fields.   After review by your organization that the candidates are valid, they are automatically linked to masking rules to obfuscate those columns.   You can modify the rules linkage as you wish, and you can also create your own PII/BII "classifiers" with your business-specific tags and rules.

    If you want a quick overview of how the Portal flow works, please see the recorded TDM Level 1 demo that I've posted to Box.

  • 3.  RE: Sybase masking using FDM or TDM

    Posted 11-21-2019 11:04 PM
    Thank you, Scott! Appreciate your response.