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CA TDM - Masking data with GTDataMaker

  • 1.  CA TDM - Masking data with GTDataMaker

    Posted 10-11-2018 09:49 AM

    Hello community,


    You would need to mask data using the method proposed by CA TDM (In-Flight).
    Masking the data in Data Source, but leaving them as they were in origin and masking to be done in Data Target. I know that this process can be done. My question is this: how do you do this action?
    I've created a project and its version, but it doesn't allow me to create a Transformation Maps.

    I'm sorry if my English isn't the best, it's not my mother tongue, I hope my problem is understood and someone can contribute with how to do this, or some interesting learning video.


    Thank you for your time,