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Tech Tip: How to enable 'rollback' for publishing in the TDM Web Portal

  • 1.  Tech Tip: How to enable 'rollback' for publishing in the TDM Web Portal

    Posted Jan 31, 2017 10:17 AM

    This document can also be viewed at https://www.ca.com/us/services-support/ca-support/ca-support-online/knowledge-base-articles.TEC1759357.html 



    If you are having a problem with database rollbacks not working with the TDM Portal, you can edit the application.properties file to enable this. It is supported, but not enabled by default. You can set this to be applied on an individual publish basis, but once changed, it will by default be applied to every publish. For partial inserts, records will be inserted, but no rollback will occur, even when the configuration is set to rollback.


    Here is more information on publishing with the TDM Portal: https://docops.ca.com/ca-test-data-manager/4-0/en/provisioning-test-data/generate-synthetic-test-data/generate-data-using-the-ca-tdm-portal/publishing-data 



    CA Test Data Manager (TDM)- Web Portal



    You will need to edit the applications.properties file.

    1. Go to C:\Program Files\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal\conf

      applications.properties file in portal folder.PNG

    2. Open the 'applications.properties' in a program like Notepad++. 
    3. Search for 'rollback'. 

      search for rollback in applications.properties file.PNG

    4. Find the line (typically #115) with tdmweb.publish.actionOnError=exit
    5. Uncomment the line by deleting the # sign before tdmweb.publish.actionOnError=exit. If using Notepad++ you will see the line turn from a green color to black.

      comment out rollback line in applications.properties file.PNG

    6. Change the line to tdmweb.publish.actionOnError=rollback

      change to rollback for publish setting for tdm portal.PNG

    7. Save the file to commit these changes.
    8. Re-start the CA Test Data Manager Portal Windows service. 

      restart tdm portal windows service.PNG

    9. Try re-publishing in the TDM Portal to verify that the database rollback is enabled and working successfully.


    Additional Information:

    If you experience any issues, please open a support case by going to https://support.ca.com/irj/portal/newhome or calling CA Customer Care at one of these numbers http://www.ca.com/us/company/contact-us.html