Tuesday Tip: Getting -307 Comm Error When Using FQDN

  • 1.  Tuesday Tip: Getting -307 Comm Error When Using FQDN

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 06-19-2014 01:39 PM

    If you are trying to connect to your CA SCM Broker using the machine's Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) and are receiving a -307 comm error, this generally means the client can find the broker machine (FQDN resolves to a valid IP address) and port 5101 is open, but the broker is either down or is known by a different name.


    By default the broker name is the same as the hostname of the computer it's installed on.  As an example, let's say your CA SCM Broker is installed on a machine with a Fully Qualified Domain Name of "harvesthost.mycompany.com" and a hostname of "harvesthost".  Some networks are configured in such a way that you must use the Fully Qualified Domain Name to reference another computer.  In this case, if you try to create a broker connection with Workbench using "harvesthost.mycompany.com" you might get this -307 comm error.  The reason is that Workbench is finding the broker machine, and getting in through port 5101, but is not finding the broker.  Workbench is looking for a broker named "harvesthost.mycompany.com" but the broker is actually known by its shorter hostname of "harvesthost".  The solution is to change the name of the broker so that it matches up with the name that Workbench is looking for. 


    To fix this problem, on your broker machine you should create a system environment variable:
        Name: RT_FORCE_NODE_NAME
        Value: harvesthost.mycompany.com


    Then restart your broker in this way:


    (on Windows)

    • Go to your Windows Services window and stop your CA SCM Broker service.
    • Go to Task Manager and look for a process named "rtserver.exe".  Kill (end) the process tree.
    • Go back to your Windows Services window and restart your CA SCM Broker service.


    (on Unix/Linux)

    • Login as the owner of the CA SCM software and navigate to the $CA_SCM_HOME/bin folder
    • Shut down the broker with this command:

    ./bkrd -shutdown=all

    • Shut down the rtserver with this command:

    ./rtserver -stop_all

    • Check to make sure the broker, hserver and rtserver processes have stopped with commands like this:

    ps -ef | grep bkrd

    ps -ef | grep hserver

    ps -ef | grep rtserver

    • Once all processes have stopped, restart the SCM Broker with this command:



    Once the broker has been restarted, try to connect from Workbench or the Administrator Tool again using the long broker name "harvesthost.mycompany.com".


    The one thing to remember with this fix is that all client machines will have to use the longer Fully Qualified Domain Name to connect to the broker instead of the shorter hostname.