• 1.  Broker service wont start

    Posted 10-08-2014 02:53 PM

    hello everyone.


    I ended up stuck with the installation of Harvest. The broker service won´t start and only would tell that it didn´t respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.


    The broker log only says:


    HBroker | 20141008 13:34:56 | ---- started by SCM, trying to start as a service ----

    HBroker | 20141008 13:38:33 | ERROR: Could not resolve node name _node

    HBroker | 20141008 13:38:33 | ERROR: Initialization fails

    HBroker | 20141008 13:38:33 | ---- stopped ----


    i checked also the hbroker.arg and it was like this:








    The arquitectura running the server is a Windows 2008 r2 64 bits with 4 Gb of RAM, 4 processors and 100Gb of disk space. I also got SQL server 2008 running correctly. I dont know if the ports have something to do with this, since i only did the typical server installation and no ports where asked in there.


    Any help, suggestion... anything will be greatly appreciated.

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    Posted 10-08-2014 04:11 PM



    I have a couple suggestion that maybe will help track the problem and others that can help solve it.


    First of all, what is your server version? As you are installing it now and did it on a machine running Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bits and SQL Server 2008, I assume it is CA Harvest SCM 12.5.


    Regarding the debugging part, I suggest raising logging levels on the server components.

    On HServer.arg, add:




    And on HBroker.arg, add:



    As for the problem's origin, I think you might have some problem on name/node resolution.

    Harvest communication component (PEC) uses the hostname command hostname command to resolve the broker node name.

    If, for some reason, your system is not able to do that you will have to use the RT_FORCE_NODE_NAME environment variable.

    If a Fully Qualified Domain Name is mandatory on you infrastructure you will have to configure Harvest to support it.

    Both these situations and their resolution are described in the documentation in more detail.


    These are only suggestions. So, if your system has to be up and running ASAP and you can't resolve this issue after checking these hypotheses, I suggest you open a ticket on the Support site.


    Best regards,

    Ricardo Bernardino

  • 3.  Re: Broker service wont start

    Posted 10-08-2014 06:08 PM

    Hello again.


    Thanks Ricardo. Seems it worked. I got another error, but now it isn´t the broker so im happy. Thank you very very very much.


    atte. Enrique Garcia.