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System parameters for action, take 2

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  • 1.  System parameters for action, take 2

    Posted 02-03-2020 01:58 AM

    Our custom action needs few parameters, like host addresses. These are something which likely stay unchanged but can possibly someday change, so hardcoding is not an option.  These parameters are always the same, even between environments. Would not like to set them as action input fields  - action is already in use and would not want to go thru all 50  places where action is used and fill the values (even if obtained from some common process/application-wide parameter).

    Initial thought was to make action read the needed values from system parameters.  ROC has even system settings page where one could add new System parameter.  But thats then applying only to ROC, right?  System parameters would need to be set to all agents (wrapper.conf ) to get this working?


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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 02-10-2020 04:19 AM
    Hi Jan,
     There are some properties set for the agent wrapper. You can view the same at the below JMX URL of agent (it will only be available if JMX is enabled).


    Now as you mentioned in your case you want to use the hostname which is set for each agent, you can use the same within the process by executing action "Get Environment Variable Value", setting the output variable and can be used in the process. In example below the wrapper parameters which will be listed in above JMX page is set.WRAPPER_HOSTNAME

    More control can be have having a check on output "Was Found" to check for not found conditions.





  • 3.  RE: System parameters for action, take 2

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 02-10-2020 09:41 AM

    In regards to the system parameters that you mentioned, I don't believe those are available to workflows. But I have never tried it.

    I know you'd rather not go through changing all actions but I believe what you're looking for might be best set in one of the following, but this would require changing the action to point to utilize it:
    • environment parameter; or
    • release parameter; or
    • token 

    Kind regards,