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redundancy of agent in regular deployment

  • 1.  redundancy of agent in regular deployment

    Posted 10-21-2020 12:27 PM
    Hi - I have a simple deployment process which creates test files in 3 servers . For that in agent assignment i have assigned all these 3 server  to an env .
    I am not able to create a agent group .

    The intent is I assign all 3 but the flow executes only on one server. This will be useful to get redundancy , if one agent server is down , the process will execute on another
    Please let me know how this can be achieved

  • 2.  RE: redundancy of agent in regular deployment

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 10-23-2020 01:14 AM
    Hi Ajay,
     The agent grouping of agent is not a feature to be used in your specific case. The agent groups are logical categorization of agents which are used as artifact retrieval agents, etc.

    To achieve what use case you have is, when you run the deployment you have a check box selected by default that is "Assign all servers in environment" which will take care of use case running the deployment in all agents.


  • 3.  RE: redundancy of agent in regular deployment

    Posted 10-26-2020 09:14 AM
    Hi Saurabh ,

    Thanks for the reply . I will try to elaborate the use case as the above is not what is desired .

    I have a flow to trigger a remote API for deployment of application . To trigger the API have assigned two servers in a ENV . Below is screen shot which shows two servers assigned .

    I was wondering , if its possible to
    First  RA checks out of the two servers assigned which is online .
    Second RA runs the flow only in one of the assigned two servers