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REST API for Process list

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  • 1.  REST API for Process list

    Posted 10-23-2019 07:16 AM

    Is there a REST API or any other way to get list of processes for each application and may be also a list of total processes present in that particular environment? I did not find any such API in the documentation.

    Best regards,
    Amit Joshi

  • 2.  RE: REST API for Process list
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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 10-29-2019 05:08 AM
    Hello Amit,
     In Release Automation, the processes related information are handled via Open API. To get the list of the all the processes assigned to an application you need to use the below two open API service calls.

    Note: The processes inside an application are assigned to each environments, so while fetching the result you need to invoke the query for each respective environment in an application.

    API information and WSDL details can be found at http://<NAC-HOSTNAME>:<NAC-LISTENING-PORT>/datamanagement/ws/

    1: getEnvironmentsForApplication  (Sample body for the request is below)
    <mod:appName>Test Application</mod:appName>

    2: getAssignedProcessesForEnvironment (Sample body for the request is below)

    <mod:appName>Test Application</mod:appName>
    <mod:envName>Environment for Single Server Architecture</mod:envName>

     This will give you the list of all processes assigned in an application. As this is an XML response, you can do further processing over the response.