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  • 1.  Upload Nexus artifact

    Posted 09-28-2017 05:47 AM

    Hi all,


    Now I found problem to auto upload artifact with action and try to download the latest version.


    I saw the " Nexus - Upload Nexus Artifact " does not upload metadata of artifact repository that's the last one is the latest version.


    Anyone found this problem same as me. If yes , how can I update this metadata when use Upload Artifact actions.


    Thank you and regards,

    Nithi P.

  • 2.  Re: Upload Nexus artifact

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 10-04-2017 07:51 AM



    Can you explain a bit more how did you configure the action did you specify a version ? 

    is this the latest version ? 




  • 3.  Re: Upload Nexus artifact

    Posted 10-04-2017 10:23 PM

    Hi Dirk,


    In my environments , CA RA 6.3 and Nexus bundle with RA.

    I try to configure to use Upload Artifact by Nexus action.


    BTW, After I upload Artfact Manualy , it's already generate Metadata and update its.


    Thank tou and regards,

    Nithi P.

  • 4.  Re: Upload Nexus artifact

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 10-13-2017 04:59 AM



    I am afraid i do not understand your last update , if you upload a artifact to nexus using the  Upload Artifact you can specify 

    the version in the action.







  • 5.  Re: Upload Nexus artifact

    Posted 10-18-2017 12:37 AM

    Hi Dirk,


    For the version it will be generate every upload.

    For the question that I asked is about Nexus Artifact Metadata is updated only when I upload artifact manually.

    If I update artifact by CA Release Automation Action , Nexus Artifact Metadata is not updated the latest version of artifact metadata.


    Can I update metadata of artifact by Upload Nexus Action?


    Thank you and regards,

    Nithi P.

  • 6.  Re: Upload Nexus artifact

    Posted 02-01-2018 09:55 AM

    Hi Nithi,


    I do have same issue in my current environment, Did you figure out any work around? 




  • 7.  Re: Upload Nexus artifact

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 02-01-2018 01:23 PM

    What version of the action pack are you using?

    I just installed version 10.5.1412.1 in version 6.5 of RA and tested the action. I configured my action with the following in each of its fields:


    Artifact Path: /path/to/my/file/on/agent/machine

    Nexus Url: http://myservername:8080/nexus

    Repository Id: TestRepo (which already exists)

    Group Id: abc (which did not exist)

    Artifact Id: def (which did not exist)

    Version Id: 12.1 (which did not exist)

    Packaging: sh

    Artifact Classifier: myclass

    user: admin

    password: mypassword


    After testing the action I see that it created an artifact with the following details:



    And its end url:




    Kind regards,


  • 8.  Re: Upload Nexus artifact

    Posted 02-02-2018 09:55 AM

    We are using 'Nexus artifact uploader' plugin to upload ear,war,jar,zip into Nexus OSS 2.13.0 




  • 9.  Re: Upload Nexus artifact

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 02-02-2018 10:26 AM



    I can try finding that version of Nexus to test with. I was using version 2.11.3-01 (that comes with RA 6.5). What version of RA are you using? And what version of the Action Pack are you using (can be found in ROC -> Administration -> Action Management)? And what fields are you providing values for and what are the values you are using?


    Using the details in my update above I confirmed that the action seems to be working okay so maybe its a versioning thing somewhere or maybe it has something to do with the configuration of the repository. Here's mine. What's yours?



    Kind regards,


  • 10.  Re: Upload Nexus artifact

    Posted 02-02-2018 10:57 AM

    We have the same configuration of repository. We are not using RA.



  • 11.  Re: Upload Nexus artifact
    Best Answer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 02-02-2018 12:26 PM

    Hi Karthik,


    Thanks. I'm not sure you'll get an answer here for that based on it appearing to be not related to any of CA Release Automation's components. CA Release Automation does have a jenkins plugin which allows jenkins to call CA Release Automation when the job is done (like a build). But the Jenkins plugin that you sent a screenshot of seems to be this plugin which I'd imagine you might need to check the version you're running and if there are any updates that might fix the problem you're having - or submit a defect for on their Github: Jenkins Plugins 


    Kind regards,