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CA Release Automation Plug-in for ServiceNow, certified integration

  • 1.  CA Release Automation Plug-in for ServiceNow, certified integration

    Posted 08-12-2014 04:47 PM

    Extending ServiceNow Change Management with CA Release Automation

    Automating release and deployment processes can dramatically improves the reliability, quality and speed of application releases. IT operations teams and application owners use CA Release Automation to simplify, standardize and execute application releases to reduce errors, speed up release times and improve business and operational agility. The CA Release Automation ServiceNow plug-in is a full bi-directional integration between the ServiceNow change management module and CA Release Automation. The integration provides a unique capability to execute and control Zero Touch™ deployment processes from within a change task record in ServiceNow. This unique integration tightly couples the change management process and the execution of the change task in a way that eliminates any inconsistencies and guaranties compliance. The integration streamlines the entire change management process from CAB approval to application deployment and configuration. With today's exploding number of change requests, the liquidity of hardware and the use of agile development methodologies, managing change is not enough. The only way to ensure that changes are deployed in a controlled and compliant manner is with automation.

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