Jaspersoft - Input Control and default values

  • 1.  Jaspersoft - Input Control and default values

    Posted 3 days ago


    I have Input control with defaulted values (screenshot below) "Risks" "Issues". Done in Jaspersoft studio with this statement "new ArrayList(Arrays.asList("risks","issues"))" . This input control is not mandatory.  When the report is opened Risks and Issues are preselected.  It is correct. This is how it should work. When you select other values, like decision and so on all is working correctly. Select only for example risks, it selects only risks. All is working fine. But when you deselect all (Selected: 0) and hit Apply the defaulted values "Risks", "Issues" are automatically populated. Do you have any idea how to prevent, when I deselect all to not populate defaulted the values?

    Thank you in advance for your advices.