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New UX:  Viewing/Notifying Timesheet Users/Approvers across all time periods

  • 1.  New UX:  Viewing/Notifying Timesheet Users/Approvers across all time periods

    Posted Sep 14, 2018 12:57 PM

    When moving to timesheets in New UX, one loses the Timesheet list view in Classic - it's turned off, no longer visible.  Also, the New UX timesheet view allows one to view timesheets only one time period at a time - 'view all from all periods' is no longer an option.


    We are on 15.2 and have 15.4.1 installed in our sandbox - 15.4.1 adds ability filter New UX timesheet list by OBS (Thank you!) but still lacks a 'view all time periods' function.


    This makes it very difficult for administrators to send out notifications - they cannot select all timesheets open/submitted timesheets from all periods and hit "Notify" (yes, they could not do this either in classic, as they had to do this a page at a time - but they could see that they had multiple pages covering all time periods).


    In order to help our admins out, we have created our own query based portlet in Classic view, that will list timesheets from all periods.  Cool - step one is done!


    Now, how to send notifications to late submittors/approvers?  Our admins want a selectable Action from an Actions pull-down menu.  However, Actions aren't available on portlets and the timesheets aren't available as an object.


    Q:  How to give the admins a process that they can run from a list of open/submitted timesheets?


    Some ideas:

    - Admin runs manual job from Jobs menu (more navigation for admins to something they aren't familiar with)

    - Job on Jobs menu is scheduled to run automatically (admins want control of if/when run-prefer manual initiation)

    - Copy timesheet list data to custom object, where Actions/Actions menu can exist (how to keep data refreshed in real-time, so users/manager do not get notifications for something they just submitted/approved a few seconds before process starts?)

    - recreate portet as HTML portlet, putting buttons on it that will allow admins to initiate process(es)


    Other ideas or advice on the ones given here?


    Best solution would be a checkbox on New UX list view - "Show all Periods" available before New UX was rolled out, or at least available in 15.5 or 15.x patches.

  • 2.  Re: New UX:  Viewing/Notifying Timesheet Users/Approvers across all time periods

    Posted Sep 19, 2018 06:59 AM



    These are great ideas - do you know we have a site for you to log these ideas:

    Enhancements should be logged on the CA PPM Innovation site.

    To learn more, see the New Customer Innovation Process for Clarity PPM