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  • 1.  PMO Accelerator - Project Cycle Time Analysis Portlet

    Posted Aug 30, 2017 10:07 AM

    I'm trying to use the Project Cycle Time Portlet effectively, but I can't make sense of why certain projects are populating and others are not. I can't find valuable documentation around what pulls into the query and what does not. The projects I'm expecting to see are on the same Methodology and have the same named Key Tasks

  • 2.  Re: PMO Accelerator - Project Cycle Time Analysis Portlet
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    Posted Aug 30, 2017 09:41 PM

    Hi Sarah, this portlet is one of the older portlets in the PMO Accelerator. It does not only take into account the project methodology but also the Task WBS. Because the Y-Axis is primarily based on phase, the portlet only lights up if tasks are underneath a 'Summary Task' in the WBS. You will need to do this either by a connected scheduling tool (MS Project or Workbench) or simply by the Clarity Gantt. The marking of 'Key Tasks' does not impact the way this portlet works.


    If you go ahead and insert additional WBS "phases" from what you had in templates that are aligned to the methodologies, then for tasks to be grouped consistently you need to ensure that you are modifying the Work Breakdown Structures for each project consistently.


    To effectively use this portlet requires a fair bit of scheduling discipline for it to light up as you would expect. The discipline is not only on the WBS, but how much work you are doing to normalise detail of the tasks across projects - i.e. does one project have 15 tasks of a combined 150 days duration of activity versus a second project doing exactly the same amount of work but only 5 tasks in the schedule with a combined duration of 50 days of activity.