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Duplicate rankings in Portfolio -> Waterline View

  • 1.  Duplicate rankings in Portfolio -> Waterline View

    Posted Dec 01, 2017 11:53 AM

    We recently started using waterline views functionality in Clarity (v15.1.0.149)


    Our users have rank ideas by either dragging and dropping up or down or by manually entering a new rank. We noticed two issues:

    - If a user tries to move an idea from a lower ranking to a higher one by manually typing in a rank, the idea gets ranked one number lower than the rank entered by user (e.g. user changes rank from 35 to 4, the idea ends up at rank 5). I've opened a ticket with CA support but after about a month, they haven't confirmed a bug or solution.

    - More ominous situation is, while making a series of such ranking changes, some of the users are encountering situations where the ranks are duplicated - i.e. the same rank appears on two rows. At that point, even if the ranks are altered, the user is unable to save changes (gets an error "Server was not able to retrieve the document" indicating that the client and server have gone out of sync). Only way fix it at that time is to discard changes and start over.


    We tried to recreate the scenario with duplicate ranking but so far unable to. I think a level of unfamiliarity with Clarity helps to make this happen :-) 


    Has anyone encountered this issue? Has this been reported or brought to CA's attention?