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  • 1.  Negative hours in Weekly detail portlet under Resource Planning

    Posted Dec 08, 2017 11:16 AM

    Hi All,


    Using custom component we are allowing users to post Positive and Negative hours on a Task , on a  resource name.


    The Negative and Positive hours posted are seen in Posted Transaction review Portlet.


    Question:- The Negative hours are not shown under that actuals column for that month.

    Will this Weekly Detail portlet( under Home -- > Resource Manaement --> Resource Planning ) display the Negative hours ?



    Positive hours posted on Project is shown. When I filter for other project then for July its blank.

  • 2.  Re: Negative hours in Weekly detail portlet under Resource Planning
    Best Answer

    Posted Dec 08, 2017 04:17 PM

    As of now, CA PPM does not support the concept of negative hours for a resource.  You could potentially have a resource do zero work in a day. But, practically speaking, you cannot have a resource work negative hours in a day. So, any view where you see Labor Actual Hours (such as this portlet), you will not be able to view negative hours. Do you see negative actual hours on the task?


    Now, there are scenarios where a negative transaction may be needed to "Adjust" the hours for a particular project-task-resource-date combination. For example, when you do a timesheet adjustment.  Or using negative quantity when you are importing hours via transactions. But, you will notice that, for a particular day-task combination for a resource, if the sum of positive actual hours and negative actual hours (as posted via a transaction in your specific case) is less than zero, CA PPM will discard the negative value and display a 0 in the Actuals field (in the task). So, negative dollars are possible. But, not negative hours. I'd be interested to know the use case. If you are essentially doing adjustments to earlier time entries, make sure that the adjustment (via negative quantity in transaction) is for the specific date-task combination for a resource. If you post negative quantity on any other date, when the resource has not posted any actuals, CA PPM will not account for the negative hours from a labor actuals standpoint.


    Yes, you will be able to view the negative value in the Posted Transaction Review portlet as the values on the portlet displays values derived from the posted transaction. But, not being able to view negative resource actuals is standard behavior.


    Hope this helps.