• 1.  15.2 New UX - Forecast 0 in all cells

    Posted 05-03-2017 05:06 PM
    • 15.2, on premise, testing new UX resource/investment planning view
    • Created new test project in classic
    • Allocated roles to Team\Staff and assigned Departments to each in Staff OBS
    • Went to and found project in new UX
    • Copied FTE forecasts from an Excel template we use into Investments/Resources view - worked great
    • Went back to classic view - see all the allocation hours there, too - cool!
    • Created Forecast (Cost Plan) from Investment Team
    • When back to Investments/Resources view in new UX
      • Expected to see numbers from Cost Plan in Forecast cells, next to FTEs
      • Instead, all Forecast cells = 0
    • Found 15.2 documentation on this new UX feature
      • Documentation lacked any discussion regarding Forecast


    Is the Forecast feature ready for use, or not? 


    If ready,

    • Am I wrong to expect Cost Plan of Record numbers to display in Forecast cells?  If I'm wrong, where does Forecast then come from?
    • Does anyone have documentation that explains how this Forecast feature works in the new UX?


    Thank you/Danke/Shnorhakalut’yun


  • 2.  Re: 15.2 New UX - Forecast 0 in all cells

    Posted 05-03-2017 05:36 PM

    15.2 new Resource Mgmt view doesn't pull forecast rates from financials.  Have to manually enter the forecast rate to be used.  From the new Resource UI click on the resource name.  The dialog box that pops up contains Forecast field that can be manually populated.  No impact to how Classic PPM uses financials.  Integration of financials - roadmap.

  • 3.  Re: 15.2 New UX - Forecast 0 in all cells

    Posted 05-08-2017 10:19 AM

    Thanks, Kathy.


    Won't be able to use this feature.


    • We have standard rates that we require to be applied
    • No indication of project currency project -
      • expect USD due to $ sign displayed on Project tablets, and USD is the currency on our Fiscal Entity
      • User could enter any rate - we would not know what they are using or where they got rate from
    • Where we have Cost Plans created on classic side, where we can exercise control over key inputs, the results don't show in New UI
    • Results entered here don't create a Cost Plan on Classic side - so, no revision capability
    • Results entered here don't appear on Properties\Budget page in Classic side - so it appears no integration at all with Classic side
    • Now getting the following errors:
      • "An error occurred while retrieving fiscal period ranges"
      • "API-1005:  Attribute(s) 'component' specified in query parameters are not supported"


    Understand that new UI was designed for the "non-PMI project manager."  But, this forecasting capability appears to be a very different, standalone solution.