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Behaviour of Effort task~rmw task

  • 1.  Behaviour of Effort task~rmw task

    Posted 05-05-2017 12:57 PM

    Hi All,

    I created a Project A and added R1 resource in Team tab and in Task I have seen the ~rmw has been created.


    When I change the Project start date then the ~rmw task start date got changed to Project  start date(~rmw task dates are editable).


    Now If actuals are posted on ~rmw task will the start date of this task get fixed(un-changeable).


    Will this happens with all the other tasks.


    Questions:- If we see the ~rmw task start date is readmode(un-changeable) and actuals are posted this means we cannot change the start date.




  • 2.  Re: Behaviour of Effort task~rmw task

    Posted 05-05-2017 05:11 PM

    The short answer: That is correct, you cannot change the start if there are actuals the same way you could when there were no actuals.

    Say you create a project with an effort task with start date March 1 and add a resource to the team.

    No problem setting the start date of the effort task one month later (next working day)


    If you post time say at the beginning of May


    That will change the start of the effort task to the date of first posted actual ie May 1 in this case

    As you can see it is read only.

    If you put some actuals before the start of the Effort task you can move the start earlier


    but it is still read only

  • 3.  Re: Behaviour of Effort task~rmw task

    Posted 05-06-2017 04:40 AM

    Hi Santosh,


    The task START DATE becomes read-only when actuals have been posted against the task this means we cannot change the start date.


    The task FINISH DATE is governed by the ETC on the task. When ETC becomes 0, task is considered as complete and therefore the finish date is read-only.



  • 4.  Re: Behaviour of Effort task~rmw task

    Posted 05-07-2017 09:09 PM

    Hi All, it goes a little bit further with tasks with the Start Date - as soon as you commence progressing the task (i.e. updating the % complete) the start date is read-only. This is the same with all scheduling tools whether the tasks are progressed via timesheeting or the task is progress by updating the % complete).


    The RMW task is similar in that respect to the others but prior to actuals being recorded you can still return the task to 0% complete and update the start date accordingly.