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Template Type field and Methodolgy Portlets

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  • 1.  Template Type field and Methodolgy Portlets

    Posted 07-24-2017 12:04 PM

    On 15.2, setting up a new partition for a new group that is joining us on CA PPM.


    Noticed a field that I hadn't seen before:  Template Type


    Appears to display a pick list of all active projects marked as template.  When I select one of the available templates and hit 'save,' nothing appears to happen - tasks aren't added to WBS, Roles aren't placed on Team\Staff page - nothing.


    Also, the description for the lookup behind this field (PMO Project Templates) states:  This lookup displays all project templates and is used to link projects to templates for methodology portlets.


    What does this Template Type field do?  What is a methodology portlet? 


    Searched DocOps and Googled - no luck.



  • 2.  Re: Template Type field and Methodolgy Portlets

    Posted 07-25-2017 05:34 AM

    Hi Dale, 


    I am not sure where you are seeing this field "Template Type". I tried to open one of my CA PPM 15.2 instances, navigated to Home --> Projects --> New from template, but did not see any such field, tried to configure the view but did not see any such attribute among the available ones as well. Can you please share a screenshot where you are seeing that attribute? That would be helpful. 



    Abhisek Dhar

  • 3.  Re: Template Type field and Methodolgy Portlets

    Posted 07-26-2017 05:46 PM

    Also, our attribute is named "Project Template," but I don't recall if we renamed it.  The column name is ODF_CA_PROJECT.OBJ_METHODOLOGY and I'm guessing it came with the PMO Accelerator.

  • 4.  Re: Template Type field and Methodolgy Portlets

    Posted 07-26-2017 05:44 PM

    This field is a lookup of templates.  If I were to create a template called "Business Process ABC", I would set that template type field on "Business Process ABC" template to the value of "Business Process ABC."   Now when any new project uses that template, the value of "Business Process ABC" is carried forward to the resulting project and you can see which template (i.e. methodology) is being used on that project and every other project created from a template.


    As far as "Methodology Portlets" go, I can only assume it's a collection of projects that used the same template for reporting/tracking/governance purposes.  The "Project Cycle Time Analysis" portlet may be a good example of a methodology portlet.  You'd want to compare apples to apples when doing that kind of analysis and that portlet groups by methodology.

  • 5.  Re: Template Type field and Methodolgy Portlets
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    Posted 07-27-2017 07:24 AM

    As per the ongoing discussion, on this thread, these fields / portlets are part of the CA PPM Accelerator, in this case the PMO Accelerator.

    These add-ins, includes set of dashboards, portlets, subpages , processes , attributes. 


    Some points on methodology portlets ->

    Project Cycle Time Analysis portlet -> Number of days spent in each project phase are shown as a bar graph. It is also used to compare time spent in each phase for projects, which are based on same methodology.

    Also as discussed above the project templates which were installed with the PMO Accelerator add-in are the project methodologies and should be the basis of projects, which an user may wish to analyze


    Another example of such a portlet, is the Project Lifecycle Review portlet, which displays the schedule status of each project phase and thus is used for a phase schedule overview of projects based upon the same project methodology. 




  • 6.  Re: Template Type field and Methodolgy Portlets

    Posted 08-03-2017 02:53 PM

    Had replied by email, but don't see it here - I haven't disappeared!


    Feedback appreciated and I've hunted around a bit more, too.  Have been searching on the portlets mentioned, "PMO Accelerator" and related words.  Either finding nothing except a reference to this thread, or long list (hundreds) of unspecific hits.  An advanced search capability in DocOps would be appreciated.


    Eventually found this:


    Putting "template" into IE Find box, clicking into each sublink, finally found a reference to how this template/methodology field works, including screenshot of Project Cycle Time Analysis portlet and some description of usage, which aligns with Samik's reply. 


    If this Template Type field affects anything else, will need to keep clicking through the pages...  At least this puts me in a better place than when I started. 


    Appears from this documentation, the Project Cycle Time Analysis is a stand-alone portlet, not appearing on any pages - waiting to be added if/when we find a use for it (documentation doesn't say this - I'm deducing from it's location in this document under "Additional PMO Portlets" rather than in a chapter on PMO pages).


    Problem wasn't lack of documentation - just very difficult to find. 


    Thanks for the feedback, it was helpful.