Chat Transcript - CA PPM Office Hours: A Live Online Chat (June 2017)

  • 1.  Chat Transcript - CA PPM Office Hours: A Live Online Chat (June 2017)

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    Posted 06-13-2017 10:49 AM

    Miss the June PPM Office Hours - Online Chat? Check out what you missed below and be sure to join us in July for the next session!


    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Hi Everyone - We'll be starting in just a few minutes.

    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: OK - We're ready for questions!

    Martti K. to Everyone: What is Recovery Statement, which appears to be included in the Department default layout?
    There are some fields in it which cannot be located in the View definition and the actual configuration is quite different from the view definitions.
    What are the requirements to have that displayed in the tabs?
    Is there anything in the documentation on that and if there is how can I search for that?

    Lowell to Everyone: Is the communication from Clarity Servers to Desktops TCP or UDP?

    Vivian Fulk to Everyone: I have a question about Earned Value calc ACWP and Blue Dollars (inside salary - no OT) versus Green Dollars (with OT) - CAn this be set up in financials?

    Rahul Pandey to Everyone: I have question related on CA PPM SaaS enevironemnt. We have a requirement to integrate another application which is also hosted on Saas , so what is the best approach , can we have the develped code on the CA PPM server and call the 3rd apart application from that CA PPM server , please advice

    Nick Darlington (CA) to Everyone: @Lowell: TCP


    Liz Williamson (CA) to Everyone: @Vivian, do you have a way to determine which dollars are actually overtime?


    Karl Shlayfman to Everyone: @Martti Are you saying you are seeing Recovery Statement tab or you are asking how to make it visible?


    Nick Darlington (CA) to Everyone: @Rahul: You can have the 3rd party call in to PPM invoking its SOAP web services API (in future, also REST API calls), alternatively in PPM's process engine there is the option to develop GEL scripts that can also call external / 3rd party SOAP services of their own (with some additional challenge if the authentication system cannot be part of the SOAP payload)


    Liz Williamson (CA) to Everyone: @Vivian, I believe you would need to set up a separate identifier to charge those hours/costs so they could be tracked back to ACWP


    Martti K. to Everyone: @Karl I see it in one environment where financials are enabled, but not in another where only some areas of financials are created


    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: @Everyone - Be sure to join us for The Joy of Upgrade: How CA can move you higher - June 15th 11:00AM ET Webcast -


    Vivian Fulk to Everyone: @liz Williamson like another charge code?


    Rahul Pandey to Everyone: @Nick, will that work for batch file processing as well , do you have any documenation on best practices to integrate 3rd party SaaS application with CA PPM SaaS ?


    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Call for Speakers: CA World '17!


    Liz Williamson (CA) to Everyone: @Vivian, yes another charge code, or perhaps different input type code on the timesheet


    Liz Williamson (CA) to Everyone: @Vivian, it depends on how you determine what is actually overtime


    Liz Williamson (CA) to Everyone: @Vivian, especially if the resource charges to several different tasks/investments, how do you know which are the actual overtime hours?


    Vivian Fulk to Everyone: @liz IS there a best practice for determining OT? I am looking at over 7 hrs per day


    Lowell to Everyone: We have SiteMinder and a Load Balanced environment with 2 App servers. How do I set this up where I can get to the "security.caches" screen for each server?


    Vivian Fulk to Everyone: @liz but yes, this is my problem.


    Maria Whiteside to Everyone: @Martii, A Service must exist that is assoicated to the Department for the 'Recovery Statement Tab to show on the Department.


    Nick Darlington (CA) to Everyone: @Rahul: it can be used for batch processing (PPM's job scheduler can run a process according to a schedule, and then the process/GEL is free to do what you want, it's a scripting language). We have documentation on how to use some of this, but the community forums are the best place for different examples that have cropped up over the years


    Sarmistha Purkayastha (CA) to Everyone: @Martti: here's a link to some documentation on department recovery statements:


    Vivian Fulk to Everyone: @liz if you know of any docs on best practices using INput Type Code or charge code, I would appreciate it!


    Nika Hadzhikidi (CA) to Everyone: @Lowell - the security.caches page is an internal page and should not be used as a regular page. We also discourage caches removal in a frequent basis as it can lead to performance issues.


    Vivian Fulk to Everyone: @liz specifically for OT


    Sarmistha Purkayastha (CA) to Everyone: @Martti: let us know if the the docs do not answer your questions


    Liz Williamson (CA) to Everyone: @Vivian, I understand the issue, and there are several scenarios to consider. If you want to discuss it further please open a case.


    Nika Hadzhikidi (CA) to Everyone: @Lowell - my suggestion would be to only access this page from the server after a CA Support request.


    Vivian Fulk to Everyone: @liz PERFECT! TY


    Nick Darlington (CA) to Everyone: @Rahul: Here's the starting place in the documentation for our SOAP APIs:


    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Ready for more questions!


    Martti K. to Everyone: @Maria and @Samistra thank you kindly, your answers cover most of the questions I had.


    Lowell to Everyone: @Niki The "app" service goes through the Load Balancer and when I put in the "security.caches", I get whichever server I'm currently on. I cannot switch


    Nika Hadzhikidi (CA) to Everyone: @Lowell - could you explain why do you need to use this page, it is internal and as such it's unsupported to use unless suggested by Support.


    Lowell to Everyone: @Nika,


    Lowell to Everyone: @Nika - the Load Balanced environments have a defect when you update pages or update queries or lookups. The change fails to distribute properly until you clear cache on both servers


    Lowell to Everyone: @Nika, The issue I have is getting to the security.caches screen on the server I am not on because of a Load Balanced environment


    Nika Hadzhikidi (CA) to Everyone: @Lowell - what version you're on, this seems to be a known issue we have with multicast. it is patched


    Rahul Pandey to Everyone: @Nick , Thank you ,and do you have the link/URL of some of Example for SaaS integartion with 3rd party application..


    Lowell to Everyone:


    Lowell to Everyone: @Nika


    Nika Hadzhikidi (CA) to Everyone: @Lowell - this is version is likely affected too. Please raise an issue with us so we figure it out together!


    Nick Darlington (CA) to Everyone: @Rahul: I'm not sure what you're looking to integrate with exactly, but you may be best to ask in a community thread for your specific needs and see if another customer has already done this. I do not have an example to hand to show.


    Lowell to Everyone: @Nika - will do


    Rahul Pandey to Everyone: @Nick, Sure I will , thank you!!


    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: OK Everyone - If there are no more questions we'll let everyone get back to their day. Thank you for participating today! Please join us back here in July!


    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Thanks again everyone!


    Lowell to Everyone: @Rahul - I will definitely follow your question, too! So far, the suggestions all involve sending flat files to/from the SaaS environments


    Damon L. ( to Everyone: @Rahul, PPM has documented integrations with MSP, SSO, and Rally (Agile Central) which itself integrates with 100+ other apps as documented here
    Hope that helps. PPM has a massive partner and third-party community for additional integrations.


    Martti K. to Everyone: Thanks bye