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  • 1.  Work bench download site?

    Posted Jun 13, 2017 05:13 PM
    Is there an official site where my suppliers and associates can download the Open workbench´s 
    latest version? Since I couldn´t find it and is not operational;
    other than

  • 2.  Re: Work bench download site?
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    Posted Jun 13, 2017 08:41 PM

    Looks like stewardship of Open Workbench has been taken over by IT Design. Try their site:

    Open Workbench - itdesign GmbH 

  • 3.  Re: Work bench download site?

    Posted Jun 14, 2017 03:12 AM

    Looks to be a "Correct Answer" to me, especially when backed up by the further information here:


    Open Workbench - Wikipedia 

    External links



  • 4.  Re: Work bench download site?

    Posted Jun 14, 2017 06:08 AM

    As the previous posts say OWB was once free to download.

    Now it is bundled with CA PPM.

    At one point CA outsourced the developent to ITDesign a major Clarity partner.

    Some time later (2014) the think was reputedly be that if CA is responsible for OWB then CA should do the development as well.

    At that time OWB betas could still be downloaded from ITDesign.

    Then some time later it appears that the version that can be downloaded ITDesign site does not say beta and is fairly recent. That could indicate that development it back with ITDesign.

    I have not seen any official statement about that.

    As far as I see the latest version available outside CA PPM is at ITDesign site. Use that, you cannot get any other new version. Recently the changes have not been earthquaking so a minor difference in functionality and GUI does not matter that much if you just want to share plans with others.

  • 5.  Re: Work bench download site?

    Posted Jun 14, 2017 07:40 PM

    Thanks, good points.


    I should probably have mentioned that OWB is still bundled with CA PPM. It's just that he asked for the latest version.

    But yes, if someone just wanted to work with the cost plans, then probably the bundled version would do.