• 1.  Unique ID for Idea and Project

    Posted 06-19-2015 01:36 PM



    How can I maintain the same "ID" of an "Idea" into a "Project" that was converted from "Idea" to "Project"?

    There is an attribute on the "Idea" object that maps to the column CODE of table INV_INVESTMENTS.

    The value of this attribute is auto-generated.


    At the "Project" object there is also an attribute that maps to the same column CODE of table INV_INVESTMENTS.

    If I set project code attribute to be auto generated, then when I convert the Idea into a Project, the codes will be different.

    If I set project code atrribute NOT to be auto generated, I get an error at my convertion process: "Unable to generate the ID. Automatic numbering of the project is required."


    Is there a way to have the same IDs in Idea and in Project?


    Thank you.

  • 2.  Re: Unique ID for Idea and Project
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    Posted 06-19-2015 03:58 PM

    Every code in inv_investments is required to be unique regardless of the investment type, so projects and ideas cannot have exactly the same code.  I'm also fairly certain that ideas converted into projects still remain as ideas, meaning that the idea record with its values in inv_investments will remain, and the project created from this idea then has to have a new unique code of its own.


    It is possible to determine which idea a project was based upon (so you can reference the original value), or if you want to have some consistent identifying field copied between them you could add your own attribute for this purpose.


    Is there another reason / story why it is this field especially you're wanting to retain the value of and why?  Perhaps your actual business reasons might allow others to lend a hand in explaining what alternatives they took when faced with similar issues, since there isn't going to be a way to remove the unique constraint requirement on this existing column.