Authenticate CAPA link and Best practice

  • 1.  Authenticate CAPA link and Best practice

    Posted 09-09-2015 01:10 AM



    We have deployed CAPA player package on Clarity 14.2 Clustered environment. Deployed in ( <NIKU_HOME> / webroot) directory


    There is query regarding CAPA security which i could not find in any knowledge base or CAPA document supplied with the CAPA installable ISO.


    The configured URL http://<server:port>/niku/capa/clarity/hemi/claritygateway.html is accessible without authentication.


    Q1 - How to restrict this url within Clarity Login ?? - This is require to secure the custom content.


    Q2 - what is the best practice to deploy content in cluster - to deploy on single server and configure the same url to all the server or to deploy it to each individual server ?/