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Sub-Object: Make it Mandatory

  • 1.  Sub-Object: Make it Mandatory

    Posted 06-30-2015 03:42 PM

    Hi All,


    I'm currently challenged with trying to make a sub-object for a Project mandatory. I'm being told by colleagues that because the subpage is a sub-object of a Project that it cannot be made mandatory during Project creation.


    Have any of you been able to make an entire subpage (that is part of a sub-object) mandatory for the user to fill out? The sub-object is a subpage on a project that the user enters a list of items. After the initial project creation is complete, the user just clicks on Properties and navigates to the subpage and then enters a list of data. I need to make the creation of the list mandatory. 


    I am exploring the idea of doing a validation that prevents the user from moving forward, but I haven't identified where to start the validation and what to prevent the user from doing. I'm brainstorming this part.

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    Posted 06-30-2015 10:50 PM



    On project create, you can have a workflow process started that contains GEL script, that can be used to create your sub-object records.


    Once generated, there is no way to force the user to edit the content of the sub-object records.  However, you can prompt them to do something.


    - Include a "Today's Date" field and "Target Resolution Date" field in your sub-object

    - When the subobject records are created, populate Target Resolution Date with an initial value - say one-three days in the future

    - Update the date, daily with a scheduled job/stored procedure

    - Create a process that starts on Update, when "Today's Date" is greater than "Target Resolution Date"

    - Have the process then notify the project manager, or possibly create an Issue on the project for the project manager to resolve.


    This method works, though its not exactly the same as forcing a project manager to immediately update subobject records upon project creation.  However, after getting the notifications/issues a few times, performance improves.


    You might also consider your project review/approval process - which ought to have some looking to ensure that all your requirements are being met (project funded, resources available, WBS scheduled/baselined and capable of meeting customer requirements, etc.) - this review approval process could also be checking to make sure the subobject records are completed.  Automation isn't necessarily needed - and sometimes its not the best solution - as automation can't check the quality of text that people are typing in (not yet!).



  • 3.  Re: Sub-Object: Make it Mandatory

    Posted 07-01-2015 08:18 AM

    Thanks Dale. This gives me something to think about!  Thank you very much!