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Jaspersoft 5.6.1Installation- PostgreSQL & Tomcat

  • 1.  Jaspersoft 5.6.1Installation- PostgreSQL & Tomcat

    Posted Aug 24, 2015 06:26 AM



    We are trying to install Jaspersoft 5.6.1 as standalone server without Clarity14.2(As part of POC study). We are planning to install on the existing server which has Tomcat already installed and also point to the Existing database.


    • Does PostgreSQL configuration step is manadatory, even though we use the exisiting Oracle DB?
    • Does existing Tomcat has to be configured, so we can get the Jaspersoft Window services?


    Following are the steps I'm going to follow for installing Jaspersoft as Standalone




    1)Check for Java and Java_Home is set properly

    2)Check for Tomcat version

    3)Check for Oracle version

    4)Do I need to create new Jaspersoft schema in existing DB and also DB user for Jaspersoft? If so, please do provide me the steps


    Installation steps:


    1. Unzip ca_ppm_jaspersoft_<Jaspersoft Version>_<CA PPM Jaspersoft Version>.zip to a folder
    2. on WindowsRun install.bat
    3. Selection Installation Mode - Standalone
    4. Select DB Server type - Oracle
    5. Oracle Standalone


        a) Enter Oracle Database Hostname         : (Hostname of the exisiting server where oracle is installed - E.g.: localhost)

         b) Enter Oracle Database Port Number      : (Database port on which oracle is running - E.g.: 1521)

         c) Enter Oracle SID Name                  : (Oracle SID), Do I need to provide the SID of my Clarity DB ?

         d) Enter Jaspersoft Database Username     : (Jaspersoft database - E.g.: PPM_JASPERSOFT) - Does this step creates the PPM_Jaspersoft schema in existing DB server?

         e) Enter Jaspersoft Database Password     : (Jaspersoft password - E.g.: PPM_JASPERSOFT)


      6. Select N got Configure Email

      7. Verify Properties of Installation.


    Please do correct me, if my steps are wrong.





  • 2.  Re: Jaspersoft 5.6.1Installation- PostgreSQL & Tomcat

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Aug 24, 2015 06:53 AM

    Hi Sreeram,


    You have to use the tomcat provided with Jasper soft installation and only pre requisite is to create a schema for Jaspersoft which is there in the install guide. We also discussed this on the call so hope the information helps. Also go through this document




    Suman Pramanik