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Identifying "Actual Costs" containing Reports?

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  • 1.  Identifying "Actual Costs" containing Reports?

    Posted Dec 04, 2014 04:33 PM

    Hello there, I am trying to identify all CA PPM reports that have the "Actual Costs" displayed in order to have them edited later on, can anyone provide this information?

    I am using CA PPM 13.3 On Demand.


    If you can provide guidance or help (at least to reduce my research scope down a bit), it would be greatly appreciated.



  • 2.  Re: Identifying "Actual Costs" containing Reports?
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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Dec 05, 2014 03:43 PM

    A good start would be to open the Clarity Solution Pack (CSP) Product Guide and search for 'cost'

    first I see some reports with the word 'cost' in the name of the report and then there will be results for fields or parameters in the reports.

    Here are some reports where I know has 'actual cost' information. There may be more ; check out the documentation.


    • Project Cost and Effort
    • Project Earned Value
    • Project Storyboard
    • Financial Capitalization by Investment
    • Financial Forecast Review by Investment
    • Financial Forecast Review by Plan Grouping
    • Financial Budget vs. Forecast by Period
    • Investment Transaction Inquiry